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  1. The phrase is borrowed from Western social culture, and its meaning is that a person needs to be able to perform a variety of social roles.

    For example, the same person can give you a discount on a purchase in the morning as a sales manager, then in the afternoon, as your “housemate”, give you a harsh remark for your garbage in the common yard, then in the evening lose to you in chess, and late in the evening prove why Republicans are cooler than Democrats. And neither the first, nor the second, nor the third, nor the fourth does not depend on the fact that your and his wife hate each other and can not stand )

    Your misunderstanding of this phrase is due to the fact that social technologies in Russia are extremely poorly developed, and people are not accustomed to feel in harmony in different social roles. Dad can beat his son just because he is “for Navalny against Putin”, and the neighbor will not give you a discount on the purchase just because you refused to drink with him yesterday )

  2. This phrase came from the mouth of one of the American gangsters during the Great Depression, and it became world famous after the film The Godfather.

    The meaning is the same as “we are not like that, life is like that”. You can commit any crime and justify yourself by saying that the circumstances are so different.

  3. This phrase became popular after the movie “The Godfather”. And its meaning is that there are relations of the heart (friendship), and there are business (business). And they don't touch.

    Therefore, as a friend, I will drink wine with you today, and tomorrow I will sue you for non-performance of the contract. Or you are a scoundrel and a mean person, but you are a professional in your field and we will earn money together

  4. This phrase is borrowed from English. In Russian, there is a semantic equivalent: “friendship is friendship, and tobacco is apart.” The point is not to confuse personal sympathies with concepts where there should be no sentiment.

  5. I will explain with a simple example: one person throws another and tells him that his action is dictated not by any personal resentment or personal relations with another, but by purely business considerations. Simply put, nothing personal, just business.

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