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  1. It all depends on your efforts, natural skills, and regular work on the language. Speaking a language well means feeling the language, understanding the fine line between individual words, phrases, and contexts. If, for example, you are naturally endowed with good linguistic skills and will quickly grasp everything you learn, while spending the minimum amount of time at once, dividing it into small separate classes during the day/week, then in 400-500 days of daily light practice you will be able to speak with high-quality pronunciation and correctly set vocabulary at a good level.�
    Native speakers, as Viktor correctly noted, do not find fault with the students, understanding the complexity. Sometimes it even turns them on and makes them laugh. A native speaker will always be pleased to hear not broken sounds, but smooth-sounding ones, not simple words in frequent use, but interesting vocabulary in different contexts. It all depends on you, dear learner.

  2. 2, 5 years of fairly regular work will help to conduct a meaningful conversation on commonly used topics.

    3-5 years – the continuation of regular work – You will be able to talk to a specialist on specific issues and English will already be only a means, and not a student's practice in mastering the language.

  3. I work with foreigners, my English is intermediate, so there are no problems, in extreme cases I say that this is not my native language and I can make mistakes. All foreigners are condescending to this. In fact, we feel the same way about it. I had a classmate at school named Narine. She didn't learn very well in Russian, because her language wasn't Russian at all. It's the same with my friend from Tatarstan, despite the fact that she has been living in Russia since she was 6 years old – sometimes she made very strange sentences like “behind the back door near the trash can” and so on. So in fact, in my experience, foreigners are calm about the fact that your language level is not up to par and you make mistakes. Once someone “ran into” me that I have mistakes in the text when I answer clients, to which several clients (initially speaking English) stood up for me, said that it doesn't matter that a person makes mistakes, because he learns and the most important thing is that we understand each other.

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