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  1. Despite my erudition, the most unusual fact, from my point of view, is that time is the same variable value as size, weight, etc. – that is, it is relative. Time can be slowed down, accelerated, and even forced to go in the opposite direction(only not in our 4-dimensional reality, but at higher levels and possibly in other universes). This means that a time machine is possible, but only theoretically, because as I said, time has not yet been turned back.�

    P.S. The national animal of Scotland is the unicorn!
    P. P. S. The weight of all information contained on the Internet is less than 3.5 grams.

  2. I am currently under the impression of a video that shows the process of embryogenesis-from how spermatozoa strive and achieve only one goal, to how the baby is born. It seems to me so improbable, surprising, but of course, logical, but amazing, that for me it is now just such a fact.

  3. For me, the most incredible fact is that I live my normal life, think my usual thoughts, sleep, eat, plan something, but in fact I'm really now flying in space on a huge ball around another hot ball and in general I think about it, the thought comes:Come on!this is incredible!!!

  4. Well, I was once shocked by the fact that there are as many points in a square(as part of a plane) as in its side, for example =) Or for example that infinities are different: one is “bigger” than the other =)

    Proofs of this fact can be found in Vilenkin's book ” Stories about Sets.”It will be extremely difficult to give them here=) The book is intended for schoolchildren, so don't be afraid to read it if you are intrigued.

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