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  1. In modern philosophy, there are practically no clearly defined schools and there are no views that most teachers would adhere to. Two styles are competing – analytical and continental, with the former winning due to better funding. Progressivity is a very dubious criterion for philosophy.

  2. Two questions – two answers.

    1. Of those that I know, the most progressive philosophy of our time is AHASOPHY.

    2. What philosophical views are held by the majority of modern philosophy teachers is not known, because no such research has been conducted. The overwhelming majority of modern teachers of philosophy, if we proceed from the etymology of the word “philosopher”, are not philosophers (more on this in more detail in http://gatamanov.blogspot.com/2022/01/blog-post_12.html) and are not required to adhere to any views. They are required to teach sofia to those who are included in the program. They themselves are not included in these programs, so they do not need to adhere to any views. Moreover, if they adhere to any one view, it will prevent them from teaching the rest, no matter how hard they try to be objective, and this, according to the norms of modern Russian education, is not good.

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