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  1. Trans. The prosonic state is one of the manifestations of trance, the third state (in addition to sleep and wakefulness) that we are constantly in. Trance is well described by the example “I was thinking…” In fact, this is a narrowed field of perception, when we focus on some thoughts, or some occupation. When I operated, I did it in a trance – that is, I was absorbed only in what I had at hand, and did not think about the family evening. Meditation, hanging out in social networks or computer games, praying, losing yourself in music, combining complete concentration and relaxation in martial arts and other competitions (“combat trance”) – and you have obviously learned to catch and use a natural trance in the near-sleep state.

  2. Perhaps we are talking about lucid dreams (lucid dreams) – a state between the REM sleep phase and wakefulness, when a person is aware of his dream and can control it. In addition, as a kind of lucid sleep, you can imagine “sleep paralysis” or “sleep stupor”, but this is not the most conducive to reflection state…)

  3. Sleepy. And in English, the word “dream” means “dream”. I think it's connected somehow. How wonderful it can be to dream of something great, taking a nap on the couch in the early hours of the morning!

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