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  1. With contempt? I couldn't resist doing some research, so I went back to Ozhegov's dictionary. That's how contempt is defined there: “1. A deeply dismissive attitude towards someone or something, for example: Contempt for the traitor. To pour contempt on someone (to express extreme contempt). 2. Marked indifference to something, disregard for something, for example: Contempt for danger. Contempt for luxury.” If we accept Ozhegov's interpretation, then probably the question you asked is not about the egoist: most likely, he does not even think that other people may have any interests there.

    And your question is probably about a pronounced sociopath. He is usually aware that other people may have different interests (interestingly, almost everyone except him is included in the “others” list, and not just a select group or some specific people). But I didn't give a damn about them from the top of the stairs.

    PS. Just in case of fire, let me clarify: “sociopath “is not equal to” sociophobe”, and then people sometimes confuse.

  2. Misanthropy (from the Greek μῖσος “hatred” + ἄνθρωπος “man”; lit. “misogyny”) — alienation from people, hatred of them; unsociability. Some researchers consider it as a pathological psychophysiological property of the individual.

    Misanthropy acts as an extreme form of individualism, the opposition of the individual to society. It is associated with pessimism, distrust, suspicion, and unsociability. Sometimes misanthropy turns into anthropophobia (human phobia).

    But I wouldn't label a person ahead of time. Perhaps a person simply treats himself with contempt, so he projects a contemptible attitude on others.

  3. ” … negligible-microscopic, small, insignificant, trifling, minuscule, useless, small, petty, imperceptible, insignificant, microscopic Dictionary of Russian synonyms. negligibly immeasurable. * insignificant • minuscule • beggarly • trifling • trifling …”

    You at least look in the dictionary sometimes

  4. Yes, at least call it a pot, but don't put it in the stove…)

    A person who treats your interests with disdain doesn't give a damn about what label you are willing to put on them. You can think of him as an egoist or a scoundrel, but his interest will still be realized, not yours.

    So psychologically healthy behavior is not a search for shortcuts, but a search for options to defend your own interests…

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