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  1. Proof is the exclusion of faith, the substitution of faith for proof.

    Accordingly, if you don't believe, then you take it on faith. This is faith )

    You are not personally able to verify that the Earth is round by empirical means. So you have to take on faith the statements that other people make. That is, you personally do not know that the Earth is round, but you are forced to believe it…)

    Although, in principle, the understanding of the fact that the Earth is round (like all astronomical objects in general) can be reached not only empirically (that is, by flying independently into orbit and seeing from above), but also through reasoning and intellectual intuition, as the ancients did…)

  2. There are no such facts. A fact is an objective reality that can be verified by any person, which is proven by many experiments and observations. The ancient Greeks who lived before our era knew that the Earth is round. Are people dumber now?

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