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  1. If you deprive a person of sleep for one or several days, but in a “gentle” mode, serious disorders in the body and psyche do not occur. Experiments were conducted on animals: they were deprived of sleep, namely the phases of paradoxical sleep. After some time, the animal could not sleep and died. For no apparent reason.

    As such, we dream during REM sleep or REM sleep. Lucid dreams are those in which we realize that we are dreaming. It is possible to partially control the dream. Try it)

  2. “A person spends a third of their life sleeping. Everything that happens to him in this borderline state is still shrouded in mystery. Unfortunately, scientific research in this area does not explain much. Philosophical interpretations are also thrown from one extreme to the other. Some say that dreams are illusions, others say that even our life itself is nothing but a dream. Who is right here? In the framework of the Transurfing model — neither one nor the other. But let's start in order.

    Adults, remembering their dreams, are aware that in reality

    none of this happened. The mind interprets them as its own fantasies, which somehow take place during rest,and then calms down. It is known that children under the age of four do not distinguish between sleep and wakefulness. They believe that dreams occur in the same world as the rest of life. At this age, when a child wakes up in fear during nightmares, he thinks that monsters are in the room. And all the assurances of parents that this is just a dream, do not produce the desired effect. But gradually, the child's mind is still taught to think that all this is unrealistic.

    We have already discussed how the mind puts all new data on the shelves of abstract designations. And he does it very quickly and willingly. Now imagine: it took four years to convince your mind that the dream wasn't real. That was the one thing that the mind couldn't agree with. We don't remember what happened to us before we were four years old, so we can't bear to see how confused our minds were after we woke up.”

    Excerpt from the book: Zeland, Vadim. “Transurfing reality. Step II: The rustle of morning stars. ” IG “All”, 2005. iBooks.

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    (This is a book about how to manage sleep( yes, it's possible))

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