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  1. What is the probability that after death it is possible to be born


    And what does a person see after death?

    You should ask the deceased about this. If, of course, you can find at least one person who wants to talk to you. Apparently, they see something that discourages any desire to do this.

  2. There are many different teachings on this topic. I have a biblical point of view. The Bible says that there is no such possibility. And a person can't see anything after death. The brain is dead, and without it it is impossible to see, hear, or feel “… in the grave where you are going, there is no work, no reflection, no knowledge, no wisdom” (Eccl 9: 10).

  3. The probability is the same as when you were born in this lifetime. Only a completely different person will be born. It's not about reincarnation, it's about probability theory.

    A person cannot see anything after death. The brain stops functioning.

  4. There are so many types of near-death experiences. Sometimes they also occur among atheists, since the reality is the same for everyone and the shell of atheism cannot protect a person always and everywhere. Of course, science calls this experience hallucinations due to brain hypoxia, but these are problems of science and only it, and it makes no sense for a conscious person to give up his experience.�

    after death, it is possible to be born

    There are confirmed cases of reincarnation, for example, in the book by Ian Stevenson – “20 cases of evidence of reincarnation”. So a very extensive list of shamanic experiences, religious revelations and experiences is collected, you can read in the books�


    and Evgeny Torchinov-religions of the world, experience of the beyond.

    You can also read Stanislav Grof.

    How does science relate to all this – what does it matter? There are many similarities in people's near-death experiences, and there is generally no reason to separate out-of-body experiences from in-body experiences.

  5. I don't want to upset you, gentlemen romantics and dreamers, but all the “visions” before death are just games of the dying brain, in which various enzyme reactions and oxygen starvation are observed, depending on which hemisphere is damaged as a result of the disease, such “visions” a person “sees”. What about rebirth is it Hinduism

  6. To calculate the probability, you must either calculate the distribution or calculate it using formulas. For example, the number of equally probable positive outcomes to the total number of outcomes.

    If we talk about the possibility itself, we can't define it here. Otherwise, everyone would have already known about it.

    It all depends on what part of you will remain after the destruction of the body. You are this:

    body, brain, and so on



    collection of memories



    abilities and predisposition to something


    For example, we received a box labeled “Human organ head”. There's a head inside, all of a sudden, that says it's you. Is that you? How can I check the continuity of the succession of you and this head? Maybe your head doesn't know what it's like to be you. Maybe your mind has never moved into that head and wondered where the carcass went.

    That is, even if you back up all your memories and raise them on a different hardware, will you do it?

    On the other hand, character and personality change several times in a lifetime.

    If after death, memories, personality, and character are dispelled, then the dry residue will be partly already a different person.

    On the other hand, if you perceive the problem as a manifestation of some variant of the law of conservation, then your consciousness can be absorbed into nature. And then the next person is formed from the streams of many consciousnesses. In this sense, you will be no more yourself than the rotted leaves and stems of plants that have become soil are the oak that has grown out of it.

    Put real data in these formulas and you will get the answer.

  7. If you mean visions in a state of clinical death, then by themselves they do not prove the immortality of the soul, but they say a lot about a person, for example, that a person's consciousness in extreme states (giant overloads, clinical death) becomes extra-spatial, a person sees himself from the outside, not attached to his body.� And so different people see absolutely different things in the state of clinical death: some of their deceased relatives, some of some episodes from their religious beliefs, some just a dark tunnel and a light at its end, and so on.

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