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  1. Prison, or in general, social isolation of a person, is unlikely to disappear anywhere in the near future. But the perception of prison, its meaning, goals and objectives is changing right now. Look at Scandinavian criminology, where they believe that the task of reducing the number of crimes can be solved without harsh punishments, moreover, it is even more effective without them. A criminal commits a crime for various reasons – social disadvantage, social maladjustment, random circumstances. The point is to return the criminal to society as a person who will not repeat his mistake, and for this he does not need to be punished, but rather to find the root of the problem and eliminate it. Yes, sometimes this is impossible, and only isolation remains, probably for life, but it does not have to be cruel at all, it will not make anyone feel better. People have been violent for thousands of years, but there are fewer crimes for other reasons. Barbarism and savagery are thus punishments for the sake of punishing and intimidating those who have not yet been punished. And prison or not is the tenth thing.

  2. If humanity develops and does not degrade, it will inevitably happen. Ideally, we need a system in which criminals are not punished by treating them as garbage, but are educated, explaining the harmfulness of their actions for them personally, and for humanity as a whole, treating them as sick people who need help. No person consciously harms another because everything is fine with him. Evil towards other people is always a consequence of internal problems. We have not yet learned how to help people solve these problems, so we simply isolate them with these problems from the rest of society. But I am sure that if there are no global cataclysms, people will learn to help each other. First, after the fact, when the problem is already obvious, and then preemptively. Everything will eventually come down to the system of education, I think.

  3. And where to put them, the criminals?))
    in general, all science fiction writers offer to brainwash people.

    and in general, it is certainly convenient. пром washed – and sent to the society, everything is ok.

    But e my, from the point of view of humanity is even cooler)))))))

    Although I'm not a humanist, I don't care.

  4. Prison sentences can only be revoked in two cases:

    1) If there are no crimes.

    2) If they find another penalty.

    Probability of no crimes in the future = 0

    The probability of other punishments is unknown. It depends on the state of society. Savagery and barbarism is the opinion of society. If the society decides that the conclusion is bad, then they will try to replace it.

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