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  1. This is a kind of argument. I'll try to explain as I understand it myself. Well, everything in this universe is so well arranged. “Smooth”. If the smallest detail was different, then the world would not exist. I can cite the example of the moon. If it was a little closer, the tides would be much stronger. And the first one could flood all the continents. And if a little further, then there would be stagnation in the water. Which, perhaps, would lead to the death of living organisms located there, and then a lack of oxygen. How small is the chance that this is how the planet and everything in it should have been located. And just such physical quantities are in the laws. I think we can say that the anthropic principle is such a departure from the answer that no one can explain. Proof that here it is, that very small chance and we exist. And there is nothing to think about why this is so, because if it were not so, then there would be no one to think about it.�

    “We see the universe like this, because only in such a universe could an observer, a human, have arisen.”

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