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  1. Dear Lado, a stone wall can be a barrier, a barrier, an obstacle, a support, a protection from the elements – at a particular moment of time for everyone something different.

    In my perception, this expression is about rigidity, inflexibility, firmness. This has something about both protection and isolation. And it depends on whether there are doors, windows, or possibly stairs in this wall. From this, the wall becomes completely unique.

    If the wall has no windows or doors, then I will run along it until I reach the end of it, so that I can breathe more freely and be able to go beyond it. If there is a door and I have a key, then I will come outside the wall when I need protection from storms, and I will know that I am free to choose. A ladder can be a bridge, or it can be part of a wall, like time and a path to think about a step beyond it. What's on the other side of the wall?”…

    We can collect a whole collection of beautiful metaphors under this question 😉 and in each of them there will really be something personal, something about ourselves.

  2. Yes, it is very consonant with Anton Perov.

    “Like behind a stone wall” – usually about a very reliable man, that is, with a characteristic set of features:

    • stability
    • predictability
    • inflexibility
    • conservatism

    (have you noticed that all five of these qualities are actually about the same thing?))

    • adherence to the rules
    • debt as he understands it… from yourself and others… exactly how HE understands(!)
    • tendency to hierarchical relationships
    • demanding of yourself and others
    • criticality (trust – check)
    • control
    • formal logic (often without taking into account more complex, non-linear, system levels that can be noticed through emotional intelligence)
    • not always, but clearly you can expect – jealousy
    • frugality
    • meticulousness
    • seriousness, solidity

    … Well, that is, a little (or a little) The mole from Thumbelina.

    He's like, ” Dad.”

    He is also often a “silovik”; – people of this type often go to law enforcement agencies: the army, police, etc.

    But in general-such a hard worker, “salt of the earth”, Owner, “fist” – yes…


    A frequent problem of “strong women” is ” Ah, I seem to attract weak men to me!..”

    Yeah , that's why you're attracted, because a man who is really “like behind a stone wall” is a clear tendency to “cage”, certainly golden or not at all. There is also control, and your own ideas about the rules.

    Do you really want it if you're strong?.. “That's it…

    And how much more fun, perish-and not a stone wall.

    What is a stone wall if spontaneity, unpredictability, risk, flexibility?

    That's why it's made of stone, because not all of it is here.

  3. For me, this is bragging, overestimating my real capabilities.

    It is not in vain that they say that water sharpens a stone.

    The confidence that I can do this and this and this is a normal statement, but I can do everything 🙂

    My personal opinion is that those who promise a lot do very little, because they have spent their energy on promises.

  4. This is not only a huge wardrobe, two meters tall with two pillars instead of arms. First of all, this is when a man is a mature person and is ready to take responsibility for all words and actions. He is very emotionally stable and even in the most difficult situation does not whine like a child. The one who even in moments of female tantrums remains calm and reasonable. Who does not succumb to provocations and jokes. But at the same time, he can stand up for himself and for his relatives and wards. Who is always ready to give protection, care and can calm you down. This is not an emotionless log, completely devoid of feelings, no. This person is also successful in society and has many good friends and acquaintances. Such a person is usually a good leader and it is with such a person that a girl will be very happy and calm.

    This is “like behind a stone wall”.

  5. Trust someone as yourself and even more than yourself. Be sure that he will not lead you under any circumstances, will not betray you for his own benefit.

  6. A stone wall..most likely, personal thinking, naturally firm and persistent, and a difficult ability, more often immeasurability, to hear and apply a different point of view!

  7. It was unexpected and pleasant to see men's deep understanding of what women understand by this phrase, what they (women) need, what they want…))) �

    Although … why am I surprised-the professionals answered.�

    Yes, it's hard to disagree with them…))) �

    but I'll try)))�

    I really liked the long list of meanings (or meanings), but I thought about this:�

    women are different, and it is quite possible for some of them not so much is invested in this expression, in this “characteristic of a man”…�

    perhaps a simple rural woman under the “stone wall” does not mean emotional resilience (he can hit), not thrift, not tall and strong as a wardrobe, and not … � �

    but simply-a reliable person with whom you can have a family, run a household, raise children… who takes care of the family, works for the family, does the housework…�

    and the personal qualities of such men can be very different… someone drinks… someone beats… someone “walks”…�

    but the case knows, the case does)))�


    And what for me?..)))�

    for me, a “stone wall” is a wall made of stone… even just brick, perhaps…)))) �

    and only))))�

    Regardless of the person in general and the man in particular…))) �

    Hiding now for someone “stone”, even if reliable-there is no desire)))�

    I appreciate not stone, but living people nearby.. )))�

  8. A person who will always come to the rescue in a difficult moment and is ready to take on the solution of difficult issues, communication with unpleasant personalities, repairs (for example), and so on.

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