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  1. This phenomenon is called nocturnal myoclonia. It is manifested by a sharp twitch of a certain group of muscles or the entire body during the period of absolute relaxation of the body. People compare it to an electric shock, to being startled by a strong fright. Normally, it occurs 1-2 times a night (physiological myoclonia). With pathology, it can continue all night with varying frequency.

    When a person falls asleep, all his muscles relax. The brain sometimes perceives such relaxation (especially if it occurs quickly after a hard day's work) as a fall. Therefore, it sends a powerful signal to all the muscles (or to a part of the muscles) to make sure that everything is in order. This leads to their contraction (flinching). If at this time we are already having a dream, then at this time the brain forms a picture of falling and we dream that we are falling during a shudder.

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