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  1. It is still impossible to come to full awareness, because the brain will get tired.

    Mental processes have such a characteristic as exhaustion. Like muscles: when you train for a long time, it becomes harder and harder to do exercises.

    In a state of awareness, your attention (mostly) and other mental processes are subjected to such a load. The brain just can't stand it.

    The brain works to simplify operations, so we form automatisms, i.e. those actions that we perform without control and comprehension, on the machine. A prime example is walking on stairs: try to focus on this process while going down the stairs, and you will see that it will become more difficult to go down. And so on with any skills. I think everyone noticed how hard it is to learn something new at first, until some moments go on automatic.

    Another thing is that raising the level of awareness is still worth it, up to reasonable limits. This helps to establish contact with yourself, increase your adaptive abilities. Some methods help to cope with panic states, anxiety, and emotional stress. And in general, you will become more attentive.

    There is such an interesting direction of meditation as Mindfulness. One of the evidence-based methods of modern psychology, recommended by the British Ministry of Health. In the case of depression, it helps to reduce the risk of relapse (recurrent disease) by 68%.

    This meditation is not in the usual sense of the word. It consists in actively training your voluntary attention.

    On this subject, you can read the book “Mindfulness” by Panman and Williams, if you are interested)

  2. It is impossible to be fully aware of your actions. I had SOME INSIGHTS into nature. I realized that a person does not see the world, but feels its correct reflection.

  3. This leads to an understanding of the decisions that you choose, and an understanding of why such decisions were made. What does this mean? Either fewer mistakes in principle, or fewer mistakes that you blame on someone other than yourself. In the latter case, taking the position of anti-victim is much faster to learn. That is, all this gives a multiple advantage over less conscious people in the context of moving towards some goals, or even just living, because more simple “uninteresting” information is taken into account.

  4. Returns it to its original state.Such a person is born.But over time, society diverts his attention to other aspects and takes root there.

    And it leads to the present.After all, if you are aware of your thoughts, then you are also aware of your personality, because it also consists of thoughts and ideas.And by being aware of them you get out of the false Self and into the True Self

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