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  1. The wind drives away clouds, cleanses the air, shapes the terrain, affects the climate, carries plant seeds, and so on.

    In art, the wind symbolizes the power of the spirit, will, and change.

  2. On Earth, wind is a stream of air moving rapidly parallel to the earth's surface. On other planets – this is the flow of atmospheric gases peculiar to them. In addition to Earth, strong winds are observed on Neptune and Saturn. In addition, there is the solar wind, which carries a stream of rarefied gases from the Sun.

    On Earth, wind has always been considered one of the most powerful factors influencing the development of human civilization-trade, wars, cultural development, energy production, food production, leisure activities, etc.

    In nature, the influence of wind on the formation of the Earth's topography is very important, since the wind causes the accumulation of Aeolian deposits, forming various types of soils. Wind carries sand and dust from deserts over long distances, causing soil erosion, wind causes deflation (blowing fine particles) and abrasion (breaking rocks). Wind affects the scale of fires, spreads seeds of plants and restricts the growth of trees. By regulating the temperature regime, the wind determines the conditions for the life of animals, and hence their populations. Hunting in the wild largely depends on the participants ' sense of smell and wind-borne odors. It helps the movement of birds, insects use the wind for mass migrations – this is how it affects the wildlife of our planet.

    Due to such a powerful influence on the life of a person and his environment in the culture of many peoples, the wind was deified, mythologized, and defined as the cause of many events due to the presence of supernatural forces in it. The wind god was worshipped by the Aztecs, ancient Greeks, Hindu and Japanese cultures, Norse and Slavic mythology. In folklore, literature and other forms of art, wind is considered one of several elements, often identified with air and represents will, unrestrainedness or change.

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