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  1. This person is a maximalist.Any goal that he sets out to achieve must be realized,and together with his madness, these ideas become original and unlike all others (a great example is the band “Little Big”, which is quite well listened to in the West due to these two qualities )

  2. I'm also curious. Extremely smart and cunning guy, well done. I am also very surprised by his friend Yuri Muzychenko. He has a tattoo studio, plays at the Lyceum Theater, makes videos, and has his own band. Clever girls!

  3. I still didn't know who he was until this question. By any chance, did Ilya Prusikin himself ask this question here?
    Put a plus sign to let me know how many of us there are.

  4. A very smart strategist, the personification of an effective and modern producer, and his content itself is distributed to the masses by understanding the subculture and underground. The same clip “Big Dick” is a complete confirmation of this.

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