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  1. First of all, the secret is that you just don't really know anything about culture outside of Western culture. Second of all, this is a race that Western civilization invented for itself, and after the fact it appointed itself the winner in it. Well, like “let's measure up, who is the westernmost here? Wow, that's what we are!” But the rest of the world didn't really notice that there was some kind of race and it was necessary to overtake someone. They had their own life, their own standards of beauty, their own canons and traditions. And right now it is clearly visible that Asia is able to participate in this race whenever it wants, and even win, giving out masterpieces in all these areas.

  2. There is no secret here! And there is your personal misconception about this. The millennia-old culture of China or India is much more diverse, luxurious and elegant than all the achievements of Western culture.

    It's just that Western culture is younger, more aggressive, and more vocal. It has declared itself a gigaemon and a winner in all cultural battles. This is how young and impudent neophytes behave in the company of wise and calm elders. But, as you know, dogs bark, the wind blows, and the caravan goes…

  3. They don't argue about tastes! Only a West-centered person can ask such a question. Even the Muslim world has its own culture. The Great Ones of India and China have their own. The Americans tried to impose their own culture, but even at the peak of their dominance, they did not succeed. Now, all over the world, everyone is defending their identity.

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