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  1. On March 18, Telegram founder Pavel Durov boasted of a new passport photo. In his opinion, the new photo is strangely suitable for illustrating articles in the media about how successful his messenger is among terrorists.
    An analysis of his photo using a Telegram bot showed that there is nothing Arabic in Durov. But, in his own words, the 23andme genetic test indicates the presence of 1% of Black African Negroid blood in him.
    Participants of the Telegram chat on the D///IHAD microblog, dedicated to discussing the activities of terrorists in Syria and the Middle East in general, also joked about the picture of a slightly bearded Durov. So there was a photojab on a frame allegedly from an Iraqi TV (Nineveh is a province of Iraq on the border with Syria), which I published in the public domain.
    In the Western media, Telegram really has a fixed image of a messenger popular with terrorists: Durov has unsuccessfully fought off this story since 2015. Now the man who once called himself Porn King because of the abundance of pornography on VKontakte has a redone photo of an ISIS shahid on his avatar.

  2. Copied a post from the public Telegram News in VK:

    “VKontakte has full access to users' personal data, as well as to all community functions.

    On the night of March 21, a serious glitch occurred in the VKontakte social network: users accidentally gained access to the social network's bug tracker and other moderator functions.

    Probably, the appearance of this photo on the avatar of Pavel Durov, we owe to some stupid prankster who took advantage of the bug.

    Now we know what unlimited rights VKontakte moderators have, including access to private photos, user request history and messages, and much more.”

  3. In recent days, a story has been spreading in Runet that allegedly one of the next “successful” bloggers met Durov in one of the public places in St. Petersburg.Seeing Pavel, this blogger immediately ran up to him and politely (according to this blogger) asked him to take a Selfie.What allegedly Durov smiled in response, asked for his phone and received it threw directly from the 4th floor in the eyes of many witnesses.The whole “blogging party” has been raging for the last few days, trying in every possible way to “suck up” this topic by insulting Durov and at the same time not providing any evidence of what happened.In general, knowing how seriously Durov takes his private life (there is no exact information about his marital status, and he gave the only interview to journalists in English), we can assume the likelihood of a conflict with these “bloggers”.After all, many of them do not have high intelligence (judging by the iso text) and many of them have the function of “parasitizing” and PR on other famous personalities.

    Apparently, the” demonization ” of the image of Durov in the Runet in recent days is the reason for such an avatar.

  4. I don't follow Durov's page,but why follow his page?..I have more important things to do in contact,communication with friends, music, etc…

  5. For the sake of interest, I even went to see it. It seems to me that he is generally not a stupid person at all, in a sense he is fighting/trying to fight the system and stereotypes of various kinds, trying to be a kind of” white crow ” and rushing against everything that is imposed on him. Therefore, this avatar of him is another of his “attacks”. To be noticed and discussed. In a sense, he certainly wants to stand out and be visible, bright. But this is probably just really his sarcasm over the fact that Telegram is considered the most popular site for communicating with terrorists. It seems to me that he is somehow trying to banter this information. In general, it seems to me that he certainly likes to sneer at many things with great sarcasm. Therefore, this avatar is another great irony of his.: -))) He means by this, with great irony, that: “yes, I created Telegram (and Contact at the same time) for communication of terrorists. You see, I am also a 'terrorist'.” Personally, I appreciated his subtle humor. :-)))

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