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  1. To put it very briefly and quite simply, the thalamo-cortical system, as well as the reticular formation, are brain structures that provide non – specific somato-sensory transmission. What is it. This means that there are specific and non-specific pathways of somatosensory transmission. Specific-this is when the signal from the retina of the eye goes through specific pathways to the visual cortex, and from olfactory receptors in the nasal cavity – to the olfactory one. However, in addition to this, signals can also go to other areas of the cortex, and they go along non-specific paths. Thus, for one type of signal, for example, visual, we activate not only the visual cortex, but also its other parts, for example, auditory, olfactory, etc.

    Our wonderful neurophysiology teacher showed us how non-specific somatosensory pathways work with one effective example. He was slowly giving a lecture, we were taking notes, buried in notebooks, and suddenly, for no reason at all, he would bang his fist on the lectern with all his might. Everyone was jumping up and down, and the audience was filled with stifled, unseemly exclamations. And then, after we'd finished laughing, while we were still looking at him, he'd hit us again. This time, no one was afraid. Because the visual signal (the teacher raises his hand to hit the chair) along non-specific paths came to the area of the auditory cortex and prepared it for the fact that now there will be a loud sound)))

  2. I'm just reading an article. I saw an unfamiliar term and went to Google. He did not find anything intelligible to me(which would be understandable to an ordinary person). I continued reading, and then there was an explanation. Sharing:

    The thalamo-cortical system is an anatomical formation that selectively connects the thalamic cushion to certain areas of the cortex, while it is more resistant to extinction than the reticular formation. There are theories that consider this system a substrate of attention, and between attention and consciousness there is, if not an equal sign, then some similar sign. After all, all that I feeleverything now-both outside and inside – is covered with attention, and what is not covered by it is not realized. On the other hand, consciousness is not limited to intention only, but includes at least content.


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