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  1. The fact that it is impermanent and unique. Music performed by renowned artists is beautiful in its evanescence, Gothic cathedrals are beautiful in that they preserve the history of the past time, which will never be again. Glass products are beautiful for their fragility and fragility. Many masterpieces of painting are created under the influence of strong emotions that the artist experiences. I'm not even talking about many years and even decades of training, honing your skills. It is difficult to imagine how the sculptor conveys the anatomy, plasticity, facial expressions and character of a person, and why the sculptures of Jean Antoine Houdon, for example, look as if they are alive. A person carries his knowledge through the ages, with the help of students and followers. With the help of art, a person expresses himself, his position. This is something that comes from the soul, and therefore to repeat with precision the work of an artist or to reproduce a melody played by a violinist would be to copy his soul.

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