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  1. First of all, not everyone can write a full-fledged haiku. This is a certain number of syllables, this is a certain sequence of images in the lines. That is, not just any three lines of haiku. Most people can't even formulate a thought in such a way as to get into the right number of syllables, and here it's not just a given one, but specifically 5-7-5)

    Secondly, ordinary poems can also be composed by everyone. Remember, nosovskoe ” Znayka went for a walk on the river, jumped over the sheep.” Technically, the poems are the same) Question as a poem.

    Therefore, the ideal haiku draws us a beautiful image, and then connects this image with some idea.

    The chill reached my heart:

    On the crest of the deceased's wife

    I stepped on it in the bedroom.


    Quite correct poetry.

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