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  1. Judging by the gloves, it looks like Sonic. But everything else is more of a parody of this character. Maybe this is Sonic the fast food lover? I don't know what else to write

  2. This is Knuckles.He first appeared in the game Sonic 2 & Nakls .Later, it appeared in the review of the game Sonic: lost world from youtuber Gregzilla .Although he flashed there for a couple of seconds, but gained its first popularity.Then his 3D model was added to the VRChat game and the meme gained current popularity.Little Knuckles called themselves the “Uganda Wars” (this meme came from the PUBG game and Forsen streamer), started looking for the queen(another anime girl), asking: “Do you know the way?”(«Do you know the way?»)with a Mexican accent

    ,and ” knokat”(*knok-knok*)

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