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  1. It is impossible to truly understand Tolstoy without reading his work – the Combination and translation of the Four Gospels – for the sake of writing which he learned Greek and from 1881 a radical change in his life began, all the vulgarity of previous works, as the veil fell off and real diamonds began to appear.

  2. My favorite work of Leo Tolstoy is his novel “Resurrection”.

    “War and Peace” is certainly an eternal and beautiful work, which, when carefully read, brings a lot of readers ' joy.

  3. Which one? From Lev Nikolaevich or Alexey Konstantinovich?:)

    If we are talking about Lev Nikolaevich, then I rediscovered him, at the age of 22, after reading his “Confession”, which will help to understand more deeply his work and spiritual quest. But that, however, is later.

    I would suggest starting with small works and not immediately grabbing novels. Start with “Childhood”, “Adolescence”, “Youth”. Check out “Sevastopol stories”, “Cossacks”, “Hadji Murad”, “The Death of Ivan Ilyich”, “The Kreutzer Sonata”. If you are interested in them, you can read the above-mentioned”Confession” and take a fresh look at the work of Leo Tolstoy 🙂 And then there are novels and not far away.

    Each of Tolstoy's works is good and interesting in its own way. From January to March 2016, I read “War and Peace” and still won't let go.

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