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  1. Eurocentrism is the idea that the historical path that Europe has taken is universal and the only true one. Europe is becoming the yardstick of all things – you are either like us, or bad. The further away from us , the worse it gets.

    And on the one hand, I am a European-centric person, I like it like in Europe, but I don't like it like in other places. On the other hand, this approach blurs the view, makes it less critical, and thus stops development.

    Europe was not a standard for the world, it managed to become one. And not because it was destined to do so, but because many people were making development efforts-efforts that would have been impossible or extremely difficult if Europe had been declared the benchmark. Why develop etalon?

  2. First, there is no Eurocentrism. Secondly, it is stupid to criticize something that does not exist. There are objective facts that due to various climatic and cultural reasons, Europe has become a hotbed of the most powerful forces moving the flywheel of history. No more than that.

    The struggle against Eurocentrism on the part of all sorts of Eurasians, pan-Turkists and others is a struggle precisely for their own swamp and lack of development. Those non-Europeans who accept the main points of “Europeanness”, for example, the Japanese, are developing no worse, and even more effectively.

  3. Good question.
    Let me “rekindle” and give you my opinion. The oxymoron has a theme about the fact that the world is a kind of chiropractic thing, there is so much intertwined in it that you need to be able to unravel, untie, reach to the roots, etc. What do I mean by making this analogy? It is necessary to unravel and understand why Europe is primarily loved and respected and what brought it such fruits.
    There is an opinion that Europe has Christian roots, a Christian foundation, diluted with Roman law, Greek philosophy, but still this civilization is Christian, built on Biblical principles. This also applies to the famous Principle of separation of powers-as you know, this principle was proposed by John Locke in his treatise on two kinds of power, in this treatise littered with references to Biblical stories, he deduces such an idea that since man is a sinful being, he cannot be trusted with all power and that eggs should be put in different baskets. This also includes the principle of separation of state and Church, rights and freedoms, respect for the individual, for the Law, etc. As you know, the Declaration of Independence of the United States contains words about God and the right of any individual to find happiness. At one time, the words “Truth for Christ and the Church's Sake”were inscribed over the entrance to the main building of Harvard College – the first educational institution in America. Objects of art, music, architecture, painting, etc. teemed with Biblical motifs. Almost all the founders of the branches of science were Christians, etc.�

    In America, the Bible was a “cornerstone” value – it was used for the inauguration of Presidents, it was sworn in court to tell the truth, it was a familiar book in every hotel room. I believe that all the good things that happened in Europe were created thanks to the Biblical wisdom and principles. But now the times are coming and Europe and America are beginning to give up their Christian roots, at first little by little, without noticing, then faster and faster, and now the time is coming when, in the name of tolerance, liberals will exclude from the motto of the university at Harvard its core, its essence – “Pro Christo et Ecclesia” (“For the sake of Christ and the Church”). As a result, only one word “Veritas” (Truth) will remain. There will remain an orphaned truth, a truth without Christ, a truth not for the sake of the Church… Perhaps that is why today, thinking people are warning about the crisis of secular education in America. They say that “pedagogical norms are blurred”. They talk about the loss of trust in the moral foundations of secular education and culture.


    Muslims call America the great Satan, saying ” how can you write on a dollar bill?“We believe in God” and at the same time spread debauchery around the world. In general, as I see it, Europe is attractive when it was to some extent Christ – centered, and when it loses Christ, it loses its real attractiveness and if it still exists, then only at the expense of the accumulated resource of past merits and deeds. Ihmo.

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