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  1. Eckhart Tolle's book “The Power of the Present” is a good fit for such a request. It is also sometimes called “The Power of the Now Moment”. It is very informative, does not contain boring moralizing and fake stories of other people's success. It teaches the most practical things: how to learn to control our minds, stay in the present moment, abstract from worries, worries, negative feelings, fears, emotional pain and enjoy the light of our being.

  2. “The subtle art of not caring paradoxically is able to live happily ever after” by Merk Manson,” How to Stop being a Sheep ” by Nick Nabokov. Helped to cope with depression and remove stereotypical opinions )

  3. Scientology literature.

    There are a lot of books and lectures on audio about different aspects of life.

    Carefully described about emotions and their gradation and what influences them.

  4. The most obvious Auguste Comte, all his works. “On the positive side,” as he always said. As well as his followers-for example, from the famous — Bertrand “Teapot” Russell. And many other, more modern ones. They are easily recognized by their unquestioning belief in the omnipotence of the scientific method.

  5. There is a lot of similar literature, some people write entire libraries in order to tell you how to achieve this. This is of course religious literature. In Islam, they say, ” If you're angry, sit down . if you sit down, lie down”, “do not make decisions if you are angry”, in Christianity they teach “if you are hit on one cheek, turn the other”,”love your enemy”. I don't know about Judaism. But in fact, all these techniques will help you become calm and pass the difficulties in life without stress.

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