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  1. In principle, I would advise starting with someone from the Frankfurt school, but take simpler books, such as T. Adorno's ” Studies of the Authoritarian Personality “and E. Fromm's” Healthy Society”,”To Have or to be”. After that, you can move on to the” One-dimensional Man ” by G. Marcuse. You can also read such left-wing philosophers as A. Gramsci, S. Zizek, N. Chomsky. Among Russian works, I would especially mention such philosophers as Y. Semenov with his book ” Philosophy of History “and something from the early S. G. Kara-Murza, such works as” Isthmus and the East-West problem “or”Ideology and its mother Science”. From here it is already possible to move on to the classics, respectively, to K. Marx (Marxism), M. Bakunin (anarchocollectivism), P. Kropotkin (anarchocommunism), V. I. Lenin (neo-Marxism).

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