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  1. I got acquainted in Southeast Asia with one plant, or rather a tree – “Ginkgo biloba”, “Ginkome”, “Bilobil” – the same thing, the concentration is different. Improves blood circulation (advertising is not paid, I will not praise). Herbal preparation without chemical additives. I took 2 weeks, but it turned out that there was an allergy, I had to stop taking it. From the very morning, a clear mind, language is not slurred, thoughts are coherent, speech is clear. There are no side effects, except for intolerance.

  2. Drugs that do not have side effects simply do not work)) Just like glycine. And so it is always-there are no contraindications or side effects – this is fuflomycin. Significantly increases the speed of analysis and simplifies the nicotine solution. But a cigarette won't help you)) To get a clear effect that can be proven by double-blind placebo-controlled studies requires doses that are not just dangerous but close to fatal, not every organism can withstand. So you can only improve your memory and “accelerate” your thinking in the good old ways: get a comfortable night's sleep, eat healthy, walk in the fresh air and avoid stress. And of course, constant training-learning languages, sciences, and constant intellectual activity

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