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  1. Tanakan or Mexidol helps me! I drink the mexidol course, and I go to akdekvat! It's all about nerves! I myself notice that when I get a lot of psychosis , my memory gets worse, because in a nervous state there is no concentration! Here you need to understand what is spoiling your nerves ? I notice that the more I spend time on social media, the more irritating I get ! Analyze yourself ! And the memory is also blunted by fears and unwillingness to take responsibility-this is also from personal observations! Everyone needs a psychologist, not tables) But tablets are cheaper )

  2. Effervescent Glycine D3, I recently drank it with a course, with it my memory noticeably became better, I became more collected. Take everything only once a day, convenient) you will definitely not forget)

  3. Many people want to have an excellent memory and not forget anything. The human brain is like a microchip that contains a huge amount of information. Before choosing the drug, you need to take into account the age, since some are suitable for the elderly, and others are suitable for a schoolchild to improve memory.

    Over-the-counter medications: Glycine, vitrum memory, undevit, Aminalon, bilobil, intellan, ginkgo Biloba, Glycine D3, divaza, BrainRush, BrainBoosterX.

    Prescription drugs:

    fezam, piracetam, nootropil, phenotropil, encephabol, cavinton, picamilon, cerebrolysin.

  4. To improve memory and brain, not only medications are used, but also plant extracts and vitamins. All appointments are made by the doctor, after a full-time examination and examination. Of the medicines, Cortexin has proven itself well. It acts gently, stimulates the brain, restores its cells, increases blood circulation and not only. Treatment is necessary to take a course.

    From plant extracts:

    • ginkgo biloba, it also improves blood circulation, supplies brain tissue with oxygen, improves memory;

    • levzea, an excellent assistant for heavy mental loads, improves the functioning of the central nervous system;

    • sabelnik improves blood microcirculation, strengthens the blood vessels of the brain, and has an excellent effect on the retina of the eye.

    Of the vitamins, B vitamins are extremely necessary:

    • B1-strengthens memory, attention, enhances thinking, useful for heavy loads;

    • B2-increases mental activity, strengthens blood vessels;

    • B4-improves brain function, is indicated for sleep disorders, stress, increases attention, memory;

    • B6-has a positive effect on cognitive function, strengthens blood vessels;

    • B9-accelerates all mental processes, is necessary for the production of serotonin, is important during active growth and during maturation;

    • B12 – has a beneficial effect on the state of the nervous system, is necessary for brain function.

    Other minerals are also extremely necessary:

    • Glycine-reduces tension of the nervous system, calms down,

    • lipoic acid-necessary for improving memory, attention, reduces fatigue, increases mental performance,

    • omega-3 – essential for building brain cells,

    • magnesium-stimulates brain structures, helps store long-term memories,

    • iron – is responsible for improving thought processes,

    • zinc-improves the memorization process, is responsible for the effectiveness of learning, increases it.

    Additional ways to improve memory are described in detail in the article

  5. The main supplements for memory and brain are multivitamins, magnesium, Omega-3, CoQ10, lecithin, ginkgo biloba. It is one of the main components here – ginkgo biloba. This is a unique plant that has been preserved since the time of the dinosaurs. It helps keep our brains healthy, active, and young. How to take ginkgo biloba, what contraindications – you can read in this article: https://marinahaifa.com/446/

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