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  1. Neuroleptics are psychotropic drugs that suppress mental (higher) nervous activity, emotional state, behavior and can eliminate delusions, hallucinations, and other manifestations of psychosis.

    This group of drugs is prescribed only by prescription. It is necessary to consult a psychiatrist to prescribe treatment.

  2. Neuroleptics remain both weak and strong. All of them affect the central nervous system, and in any interpretation can not be used independently.

    If this is not a whim or hypochondria, then you will definitely be interested in the recommendation and advice of a specialist.

  3. Drop these half-measures! Decide immediately on a transorptive lobotomy. This is a very simple, safe and affordable procedure that you can easily perform on your own, at home. The procedure will make you happier, calmer, more balanced, and permanently eliminate the need to take antipsychotics.

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