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  1. You can't see Faces face to face.
    Большое Big is seen at a distance.

    European peoples, as it now seems, live not by culture, but by consumption. Without a doubt, there are interesting books, films, musical works, paintings, sculptures, architectural solutions.� But something that deserves to go down in history?

    Without a doubt, it will be connected to the Internet. But what and in what form is still unclear. A few lines will definitely remind you about cryptocurrencies, regardless of what happens to them next. But they are not cultural phenomena. I would consider this a breakthrough worthy of making history. A comprehensive, fair and inclusive solution to the intellectual property copyright problem.

  2. The emergence of Internet culture, at a minimum. The Internet itself was created decades ago, but the powerful development of the global network culture began in the 2000s. The very concept of “meme” is the main invention in the culture of our century, now a completely ordinary person can become the creator of fashion and humor, this is a whole revolution in history! Perhaps in history textbooks, this whole layer will be expressed in a few paragraphs, but individual memes have already entered the history of the Internet.

  3. Everything is new, it is well-forgotten old. Unfortunately, over the past couple of thousand years, humanity has not discovered anything new in culture that is not mentioned in the Bible, the New Testament, the Torah, the Koran, etc.

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