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  1. This is all VERY individual and I think it depends on the inner state of the viewer at the very moment when they saw the film for the first time. “Where dreams lead” is a picture that “turns out”, ” Forrest Gump “is a classic and I want to review it,” Rocky “is an amazing film that motivates and charges,” The Ballad of a Soldier “is an incredibly warm and soulful film,” T34 ” is a film that I watched several times and will review the same amount.

    In general, it is very personal, intimate and individual.

  2. There are a lot of decent films that I would like to see for the first time. But the shock experienced when watching Elem Klimov's film “GO AND SEE” I have never experienced in my life !!! These feelings were remembered for the rest of my life .Most of the relatives died during the War …And at the hands of the punishers, too.
    The realization that this can happen to you and
    your loved ones today is horrifying and causes Anger ……People forget about the pain, other people's pain does not penetrate

  3. 1+1 , for me this is exactly the movie!!! I watch it every time like the first time.So he,, My,, in it what is so lacking now in people. Kindness, responsiveness, understanding, empathy, mutual assistance, selflessness, trust, friendship.. People have become very angry, they are looking for a trick in sincerity, a background in advice, and a benefit in friendship.
    So love make friends and be kinder))))

  4. “Suspicious faces” – I remember the finale just stunned me. Although I do not exclude the fact that it was still at a young age and a small “kinostazh”. But the movie is still amazing!

  5. “Others” is a great movie with an interesting and unpredictable ending, but after watching it once and knowing that it's not interesting to watch it again in the end.

  6. The fact is that I don't need to erase my memory, it's already very bad, for example, I don't remember even a smaller part of what I watched 5 years ago, so I watch those movies that I've already watched as if I haven't watched them yet and I don't think I've watched them but in fact I've already watched them but at the moment I can't realize that I watched them because I don't remember them every time.

  7. Interstellar, definitely. My God, we went to this masterpiece with friends and everyone liked it. Now imagine that you are a space enthusiast like me, and you are watching a three-hour movie about exploring other planets, flying around a black hole, etc. I got a complete kick out of it throughout the whole movie. Seriously, I would give anything to see this masterpiece again without knowing what's going to happen. And from the news that Interstellar 2 is coming out in 2018, I'm generally shaking. Like this�\_(ツ)_/

  8. My personal list is as follows:

    Scott Pilgrim vs All
    The fifth element
    Forrest Gump
    Midnight in Paris
    Route 60
    Big fish
    The Dreamers
    The King speaks!
    The entire Harry Potter film series

  9. The Lord of the Rings!both books and films remain absolute masterpieces for me.Therefore, if you choose between all your favorite films that you would like to watch “from scratch”, then I will definitely stop at this trilogy

  10. If you take into account cartoons, then this is definitely “Coraline in the Land of nightmares“�
    I review it every year, hoping I've already forgotten it. I look primarily because of the atmosphere. I know that many people who watched the film at an early age have an indelible impression of it.

    I don't mind reviewing it yet “Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street“, also because of the atmosphere.�

    +Spirited Away(!!!)

  11. Best offer(!)



    Based on the prejudices of conscience

    If you haven't watched any of this, then be sure to take the time to see these masterpieces!!

  12. Super question! I'm sure it will be in the “tops”! In fact, every person has a lot of such films. I'm the one Brodsky wrote about: “So we've lived more than half of it…”, so sorry, the list is a bit sentimental and chaotic:

    'The Shawshank Redemption' ,

    “One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest” ,

    “Forest Gump ” ,

    “Beginning” ,�

    “A friend among strangers, a stranger among his own” ,

    “You can't change the meeting place” , (don't scold me for TV shows ),

    “The Godfather” ,

    “Hachiko ” ,

    “Gentlemen of Fortune”, all Gaidai's comedies in general,�

    “Once upon a Time in America”, �

    “Dancing in the Dark” ,

    The entire “Lord of the Rings” + “Hobit” ,

    “Matrix ” ,

    “And the dawns here are quiet” (old Soviet), �

    “Rimbaud.First blood” ,

    “Master of the Seas” ,

    “Spartacus” (old with Kirk Douglas) ,

    and much, much, much more…

  13. Probably “Back to the future”. A real childhood movie.
    Well, and many Soviet films (“Ivan Vasilyevich changes his profession”, “Operation Y” and others). But most of all, I was struck by “Only” old men go into battle” – after watching it, I was impressed for a long time, I watched all the films with Leonid Bykov, became interested in the history of the Great Patriotic War, pilots, and Soviet cinema.

  14. I would say this about: � “Reaching out to heaven”, I want to feel it again, experience it and in general, the second time is also good, but still not the same. Requiem for a Dream. It's hard to say why. I just want to. And about the entire Lord of the Rings and Hobbit series. Still raaaaaz.�

    Well, about the TV series “Clinic”. Here, I think, many people would not refuse to erase their memory.

  15. The gladiator.

    The story of a man who fell to the bottom of the social hierarchy, but managed to force himself to be respected again. The ending leaves mixed feelings, whether joy for the hero, or sadness. But that's a good thing. There is something to think about.

    The film will not seem long to you, and the heartbreaking denouement will not leave anyone indifferent.

  16. The film “Black Rose” with Alexander Nevsky, he is a screenwriter, director, producer, and even an actor there.�The genre of this волшеб magic is crime, детектив detective, thriller.�I want to erase my memory to see this miracle again.�I haven't laughed in so long,� when Nevsky appears in the frame, it means there will be a gap, and he appears there often, because of course, he is the main character of his film.� Movie rating on kinopoisk 1.4. But believe me, it's worth it.

  17. I want to sit, remember everything, share, but I have to work) So briefly, I remember:

    Magnolia Tree


    Hearts in Atlantis

    My life without me

    Route 60

    The Atonement

    Donnie Darko


    Luna 2112

  18. A clockwork orange. I think this is one of the best films of our time. I watched it for the first time about two years ago – now I can't listen to Beethoven without remembering this beautiful film.

  19. From serious – this is” Fountain ” by Darren Aranofsky. And from the fact that even after so many repeated views, I still enjoy, I would choose these films for the sake of” another first impression”: Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, the first two Aliens, the first Predator.

  20. For me, this is the movie “Fast and Furious 5”, because I have already seen it several times, but for the first time in the cinema, and I liked it so much that I would like to see it for the first time.
    Moreover, there are moments that are more striking from the very first viewing than from subsequent ones.
    Even at the end of the moment that will not leave anyone indifferent.

  21. Major definitely, a very interesting and exciting series, I really like how Igor approached Vika, but he and Katya looked better ).

    I look forward to season 3!

  22. I'd like to see Tim Burton's Big Fish from scratch. So magical and sad at the same time. Beautiful sadness.�

    “Vicious Games” by Park Chang Wook. The sexiest movie ever.

    “The Dreamers” by Bernardo Bertolucci. Innocent depravity in all its glory.�

    “Women of the Twentieth Century” by Michael Mills. Several stories of several different women and one 15-year-old boy. It's so simple that after watching it, you want to live.�

    “Real Love” by Richard Curtis. The most romantic movie.�

    A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick. Just Kubrick, ultra-violence, and Malcolm mcdwell's look.

    Short film by Janitz Bravo “Gregory goes to the breakaway”. Just�Gregory Go Boom. And still Boom.

    I would also watch the credits for the film “Entrance to the Void” by Gaspard Noe for the first time. It's just wow. Captions as a separate art form.

  23. Ooo, good question, and I will answer, definitely “Peaky Blinders”, the film is just a cannon, starting from the plot, ending with the cast, the film has absolutely everything, do you want an action movie? There will be an action movie. Do you want comedy? There are also smeshnyavki. And for subtle and vulnerable personalities, romance is rife. So, ladies and gentlemen, look, and connoisseurs of British, if they watch in the original, will grab a straight cinematic orgasm.

  24. I really like social dramas (if you can call them that, of course), and I like to watch them alone, so that I can get along and not be distracted. Therefore, I would review the films “Lily forever” (because during the viewing I was distracted by a crying neighbor) and “Fool” (in this case, the neighbor distracted me so that I would not cry). By the way, I advise everyone to watch these films:)

  25. Memory diary. For me, it's just a masterpiece. This film helped me feel emotions that I hadn't felt in years. Yes, and just a good melodrama, helps to believe in true love

  26. Perhaps, for me, it will be the film “12 angry men” – this is a film that makes you want to erase your memory and watch it again. And also my favorite movie with Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society.

  27. Fight Club, The Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Pulp Fiction, Mind Games, Home, Doctor House, Moscow Doesn't Believe in Tears, Django Unchained, Inglourious Basterds

  28. The green mile. There's never too much of a big man. An amazing movie that gives free rein to the senses and because you can watch Tom Hanks forever

  29. I was very impressed by Marjan Satrapy's film “Voices”

    10/10 as they say

    Well, of course, this is the movie “Guardians”

    Although I love it so much that I don't care how many times I've already watched it, I will still review it from time to time.

  30. This film for me was definitely “Major Thunder: The Plague Doctor”. One of the main characters is so close to me morally and mentally that I even feel that I have finally found someone who can understand and accept me.
    My first impressions were incredible, and I've reviewed this film many times before and will continue to review it again, but I'd like to re-experience that feeling that I got when I first watched it.
    It is also worth mentioning that the film was carefully worked on, and the actors put their soul into it. I can't say that the plot has really unexpected twists of events, but this is the format that I first fell in love with.
    I've never enjoyed watching a movie so much before. And I don't think any other movie will warm my heart more than this one.

  31. Mad Dogs-Tarantino.
    The last gift.
    Oxygen – Vyrypaeva.
    The Third Act.
    Substitute teacher.
    The pianist.
    Schindler's list.
    Live-Bykova. Live-Sigareva.
    House of the Sun.
    Goodbye, baby, goodbye. – And it can be reviewed for a long time.

  32. Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge. This film is perfect for me in every way. He is both very funny and very sad, and also INCREDIBLY beautiful visually and musically. This is a delight for the soul and mind. You can watch it in a bad mood or in a good one. Amazing, just an incredible movie. For me, this is a masterpiece for all time. I want to fall in love with him again, just like the first time…

  33. Memnto by Christopher Nolan, thanks to the unusual style of presenting the story, when the viewer is first shown the denouement of the situation, later the situation itself,and in the end, the plot. The film is literally turned upside down, which is why for the first half hour you don't understand what is happening at all, but closer to the middle you start putting the puzzle of this picture in your head. And most importantly, this style corresponds to the worldview of the main character, a person with an unusual type of amnesia – after a head injury, he has no short-term memory, that is, everything that happened 10-15 minutes ago is erased from his memory.

    I would also mention Fight Club, since a few years before the first viewing, I was spoilered with the main plot twist. I wonder what impression he would have made on me.

  34. Fight Club
    Island of the damned
    7 psychopaths
    The Wolf of Wall Street
    Forest Gump
    Thirteenth floor
    Eternal radiance of the bright mind
    There are no feelings in the cosmos.

  35. Definitely “Prestige” by Christopher Nolan. Сюжет The plot, the actors just have no words how gorgeous everything is. I fell in love with Christian Bale after this film. For those who have the opportunity to watch only in the original, everything was eaten during dubbing, I was even disappointed when I looked in the Russian voice acting. And if anything, a great life hack: I always watch it in the original, and then in voice acting, again not again, but it gives me a sense of novelty. And with books in general beauty, you read in the original, then in Russian, and you can also listen. I did this with Harry Potter, the feeling is like reading again, and when you listen to it, you open your mouth (somewhere in the queue in Pyaterochka), like a Cranberry reads.

  36. This film was already mentioned here, but still.
    “Drive” by Nicolas Winding Refn.
    For me personally, this film is beautiful in everything: plot, visuals, soundtrack, actors. Well, separately, I would still highlight the philosophy of the main character: “Personally, my world turned upside down,” I just realized what to strive for in this life and what is the secret of happiness. And yes, the idea of the film really forces him to reconsider: “heroes exist, this is not fiction.”

    “Slevin's lucky number”.
    I think comments are unnecessary. I don't understand the maniacal urge to compare this film with “Cards, money, two guns”, for example. The film stands somewhat apart from all other representatives of the genre, and the truly unique presentation of the plot, coupled with the simply killer performance of the actors, makes you review it again and again. Although you know all the plot twists and quotes almost by heart.�

    “The sixth sense.”
    Unlike previous films, it is almost necessary to erase your memory for a more complete perception. I won't spoil it, you never know, but after the ending comes some kind of devastation and enlightenment at the same time. It would be too much to call this a catharsis, but the film seems to be created for strong and unforgettable emotions after the first viewing, which will come to naught in the second.

    P.S. I've just reviewed the answers: Bruce Willis plays in two of the three films I recommended. Probably just a random coincidence.

  37. I've already watched it 10 times and I'm ready to watch this gorgeous movie for the same amount of time.

    “Autumn in New York” with Richard Gere and Winona Ryder.

    I don't know why, but it's the best melodrama I've ever seen, no matter how hard they try to make something enchanting, there's no more incredible film for me.

  38. Life of Pi

    For me, it was more than a movie. So much philosophy, surrealism, metaphorism, harmony with nature and deep reflection I have not yet met in any film,I really hope that I will be impressed with something else so much.

    I may sound like a hippie right now,but the film is really very spiritual.I still don't know if Pi made up this story or if it really happened.

    I gave her a standing ovation.

  39. Walking castle-I think it's a good option. A little fairy tale about an incredible world and simple love. Of course, it can be reviewed like this, but I would like to be surprised again by these colors and details, again for the first time to hear music, again to fall under the charm of Howl. The drawing gives the impression that you are not watching a movie, but flipping through a large children's picture book, and the first viewing left behind a very warm and unique feeling.

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