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  1. Since you say “not religion” in the question, it is obvious that for you “soul” means something different from what is meant by it in the religious sense?

    If you bothered to explain what you mean by “soul”, the question might be answered.

    For example, my understanding does not presuppose the existence of a “soul” in the Christian sense of the word, but presupposes the existence of egregorial-matrix structures and a single information field, as well as the ability of a person to interact with these phenomena.�

    Experimentally, this is proved simply by the presence of information about objects that are not present in the material world, for example, about people who have died (or have not yet been born, say, an expected child). If you and your family gathered and remembered your grandfather , you have thus conducted an evidence-based and repeatable experiment on working with the information field and the egregorial-matrix structure… )

  2. Catherine, if such evidence existed in any rigorous scientific form, it would have long been used as an argument by representatives of various religious movements. But since these representatives still speak only about the need to believe, I would venture to assume that such evidence does not exist.

  3. The question is posed as if someone is obligated to do this to you, otherwise you don't believe in any theory or religion. If you were trying to determine for yourself whether you have a soul or not. But you want the answer on a blue-edged plate. Too weak to learn the truth on your own? I'll tell you how you can achieve this. Start meditating, and when you learn to meditate at sunrise for at least two to three hours, you may or may not be able to reach the knowledge of your soul. I give you a fishing rod, and whether you can catch a fish depends on you!!! with respect.

  4. THE BODY is the material soulless foundation of man,

    which without INFORMATION stuffing, such as an operating program in a computer, can not show absolutely anything human.

    The SOUL acts as an operating program in the human body –

    this is the key to the proof –

    “how do we detect the operating system in a computer???”.

  5. Try to live without a soul.. Well, how is Paul leaving? Here's the answer – you can't live without a soul) But if the experiment, then you are mortal, and the soul is not. Will you check it yourself?..)

  6. Take a DNA test. The DNA is the code of your soul, and the execution of the code program is the soul. So you will be convinced of its presence during your lifetime.

    The soul can be rewritten, so it can be called eternal (conditionally). After death, the soul of the individual goes to the ground and breaks up into the material carriers that it was described by.

    But, as I understand it, you are not interested in the soul, but in the spirit, i.e. your consciousness, thinking. The spirit cannot yet rewrite and cannot pass itself down by inheritance. The spirit is transmitted outside the genetic code to humans and is not tied to a specific person. The food of the spirit is knowledge and knowledge it shares with others.

    If in the material world, the more material you get, the richer you become, because the scheme works 1+1 = 2

    But in the spiritual world, everything is different. The more you give,the richer you become.

    The spirit shares information, and information (knowledge) is copied, multiplied.

    1 can be equal to 10 or 1=10000000.

    in other words, theoretically, you can give people possession of one piece of information, and billions will accept and use it. So Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Newton, Einstein, and of course Christ, Buddha, and Muhammad gave people information that was accepted by billions.

    And it's not a theory or a religion-it's a reality.

  7. The human soul is its genetic code in the process of execution.

    In practice, the soul is the very process of life.

    And the spirit is the process of thinking of a person, his self-awareness.

  8. I experimentally tested bioenergetics – you can make very convincing experiments , but as for the presence of a soul that exists after death, the experience of such contact was quite convincing , since I observed phenomena that I did not expect to see or feel in principle, and I observed them not alone.(and that couldn't be the trick.) it was a real miracle, and this does not happen on order. And if we follow a consistent experimental path, then we have only our own soul for experiments.

    and then the taste and color of the Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, Tantric practices of touching your essence. At the heart of everything will be 3 pillars-mindfulness, coordination, energy. they can be interpreted very differently: coordination is both internal physical coordination and external-goal setting and resource allocation.

    Usually, a real touch to the soul is not a quick way to go on your own. as part of a public response, it is not possible to list all possible development branches. so the essential aspect will be mindfulness meditation, but the wrappers for it can be both qigong and osho meditations and tantra. I myself regularly come in contact with the miracle through reiki.

  9. “What obvious proof of the rainbow's existence can be obtained ,for example, experimentally? Not a theory, and not a religion… ” – the blind man asked the sighted man. He tried for a long time to explain something to the blind man,even bent the arc of a stick so that he could touch it, but the blind man did not understand him. He didn't even believe him :” if the rainbow existed,I could either touch it,or smell it, or hear it,” said the blind man. Desperate to prove something to him, the sighted man sighed, waved his hand, and went to the sea to watch the sunset.

  10. First of all, there is a lot of evidence when people of very different ages spoke about themselves in a different name (even small children). They said that their names were completely different, that they had different parents, they lived in a different place, in a different country. At the same time, they described everything in great detail. There are many examples confirmed later by verification and real people. Just a lot of things are not documented.

  11. I won't talk about religion. But I made up a “Theory of Everything that Doesn't Exist”for myself. (that's what the book is called. online freely) It's a religion (I'm a believer), but I'm a rational believer. And, of course, I thought about these questions. What have I come to? To two options. First , we have qualities that are not found in nature-fantasy, music making, time travel. That is, we can imagine things that have not yet come. And the second is dreams. (I don't like Freud, and I wish he would go away! “But dreams. I don't remember who said that a man can't think of anything he doesn't know. But what I've seen in my dreams is exactly what I don't know. And who could have given it to us?

  12. Well, you have a soul, don't you? What other proof do you need?

    Proof that it is material? It is immaterial. Not everything that-has an effect, or its impact(emotional impulses) has some consequences-is material. Here, gravity draws you to the earth (has an effect), but you can't touch it. Similarly, a weighty reference book lying on the table has potential energy and will quite easily swat a bedbug if it falls to the floor. But to separate out this very energy-by which the reference book lying on the table differs from the reference book lying, so to speak,”on the bedbug”-you can't., you can only count it.

  13. There are many cases when the essence of a person during clinical death was out of the body (read the books Moody “Life after life”, Rawlings “Beyond the threshold of death”. These books were written not by any Prokopenko, but by real doctors). There are many stories about the appearance of their dead relatives to people. Science should not dismiss these cases, since there are so many of them.
    Someone once said, ” The mountain of religious facts completely covers the hill of skepticism.” You just need not be lazy and start looking for them in the “information resources”.

  14. A lobotomy!

    If the soul can exist separately from the body and at the same time it still has the ability to think,then believers in the afterlife do not need the brain as an absolutely superfluous organ.

    The operation to “remove the brain from standing” is called a lobotomy, when the brain is pierced with a metal rod.

    But for some reason, believers are in no hurry to get a lobotomy.And in general, they are not in a hurry to die.

    They don't want to!They do not want to find the posthumous joys of the kingdom of heaven!

  15. Good question. But without theory, you can't do an experimental analysis. Some things cannot be tested experimentally at all, they are only understood in theory. For example, do radio waves exist? You know I do. But how did you know that? They just believed me. Because they are invisible, not tangible. They can draw you pictures and all that, but that's also a theory.

    And this is just a physical phenomenon.

    As for the soul, it is generally beyond physical phenomena and matter. Therefore, there is no way to do without theory. First, you need to study the theoretical scientific basis of the soul (spiritual science), and then make sure of the existence of the soul from your own experience.

    If you read this chapter of an ancient spiritual science book, you will probably find most of the answers already in the reading stage.


  16. One professor asked students what they considered the first sign of civilization. Some said fire, others said processed stone. The professor then showed them a photograph of a fossil bone of a broken and fused hip, and said: here it is-the first sign of civilization. In nature, an animal with a broken hip never survives to join it, even if it is the head of a pride of lions. The hip can only grow together if someone feeds and protects the incapacitated individual for several months. That is, when there is mercy and justice. That which is God and a part of which is embedded in each of the people.
    This is the obvious, always accessible proof of the presence of a soul in a person. When you throw a coin to a beggar, it is the soul that works in you.

  17. The soul is the domain of the spirit. And talking about the spiritual is a purely religious question. You just need to come to an understanding of what the human soul is…. And why is it immortal?

    The human soul is the Image of God in us. God breathed the spirit into Adam , and Adam became a living soul. Soul means life.

    It is in us the Image of the Tri-Hypostatic God. Mind, Word, and Spirit are our soul. One and Undivided. As there is One and Undivided Most Holy Trinity, Consubstantial.

  18. Vasily Shukshin


    Maxim sometimes overcame himself — did not swear. He wanted to be understood.

    — You wouldn't understand.

    — Why don't I understand?” Explain it, I'll understand.

    — You've got everything-arms, legs… and other organs. What size is another question, but everything is, so to speak, in place. If your leg hurts — you feel it, you're hungry — and you're setting up dinner… right?


    Maxim easily moved from his place (he was a light peasant of forty, angry and impetuous, could not exhaust himself at work, even though he worked hard), walked around the upper room, and his eyes glittered fiercely.

    — But man also has a soul!” Here it is-it hurts! Maxim pointed to his chest. — I'm not making this up! I just feel it-it hurts.

    — Does it hurt anywhere else?”

    THAT'S WHY I LOVE VASILY MAKAROVICH. Explains it clearly. Without moralizing and pharisaism.

  19. The Soul or Essence is attached to a person in the first stages of life.I can give you a lot of examples from this, that it exists.The soul consists of seven shells(bodies), three of which are connected directly with the physical body.It is etheric, astral, and mental.The thought, it arises from where, it is the experience of past reincarnations, some at an electric shock,some event begin to understand ancient languages.The soul is the same as I am material as our world.All information is stored in these bodies,and the physical body is needed to get new information, experience

    How it all happens.information is recorded through a field that occurs in the brain,in neurons, and around a person, the field structures ether particles in a certain way,and when we remember, we strain the neurons and the reverse process occurs.

    There is all the information from the past lives of the soul, it does not have consciousness,It is a record. information by the magnetic field of neurons, the brain.selects the best one from this list..

    Psychics can, by influencing our consciousness through emotions, we experience them, influence and say the necessary information..without realizing it, like a robot.Why a person cannot live without a head,there is no connection between the soul and the field generator.We are told that neurons die less and less over the years,those people who lead an active lifestyle, they will give a head start to the young,and this does not make sense.You can talk a lot about this..Come in..let's talk,ask questions…

  20. In general, the fact is that the presence of a soul is quite obvious to our experience. After all, we are able to distinguish an animate object from an inanimate one. Just as our ancestors were able to do when they formulated such a division for language. In order to deny the existence of a soul, one has to invent a lot of complex speculative philosophical justifications that “blur” the data of direct experience.

    By philosophical definition, the soul is a self-moving principle. And we are given the experience of ourselves as a self-moving principle in our own experience. For example, this happens in the experience of introspection. We are able, as subjects, to observe our physical and mental lives as objects. So we ourselves (soul, spirit) are not reducible to either one or the other.

    Neuropsychiatrist and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl explains it this way: “With the help of a telescope, you can observe all the planets of the Solar System, with the only exception: you can not observe the planet Earth. It is the same with any human cognition: any cognition, insofar as it is carried out by a person, is tied to a fulcrum. But where this fulcrum is located, the object cannot be located, so the subject can never definitively become its own object.

    Full self-reflection, however, is not only impossible, but also unnecessary, because the task of the spirit is not to observe and reflect itself. The essence of a person includes its orientation to the outside, to something or someone, to a cause or a person, to an idea or a person! And only in so far as we are intentional are we existential; only to the extent that a person is spiritually co-present with something or someone, a spiritual or other entity, only to the extent of such co-presence does a person co-present with himself. Man is not here to observe and reflect himself; he is here to give himself up, to sacrifice himself, to know and love, to give himself up.”

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