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  1. Photography is based on the phenomenon of the internal photoelectric effect (a change in the distribution of electrons over energy levels inside a material under the influence of light). As a result of light hitting the photosensitive layer containing silver bromide crystals, neutral silver atoms are formed. The number of silver atoms formed is proportional to the number of photons absorbed by the material area.

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    The official date of birth of photography as a technology is 7.01.1839. On this day, at a meeting of the French Academy of Sciences, the physicist Francois Arago prepared a report on daguerreotype (describing the work of scientists Louis Daguerre and Joseph Niepce).

    The daguerreotype is based on the photosensitivity of silver iodide. Daguerreotypes are more like a “mirror with memory” (they are an alloy of mercury and silver), images are visible at a certain angle and cannot fully convey the volume, tones and colors of objects.

    The plate itself is placed in the camera. Its most important feature is the lens-optical system, which means that the optical phenomenon made photography possible.

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