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  1. During stressful periods, when additional concentration and efficiency are needed, I start a course of taking glycine. It acts as a nootropic, costs about 35 rubles for 50 tablets.

  2. To improve your attention and memory, try Divaza. It has a good effect on the brain, I drank it myself when I needed to make urgent accounting reports. Just an inexpensive and effective drug.

  3. I used to prefer caffeine tablets for late-night pre-session gatherings.�

    Cheap and productive! about 33 rubles for 2014.

    Nights flew by, kursachi gave up 😉

  4. Glycine (course admission), or if you live in America, make an appointment with a doctor and they will write you a referral for amphetamine, the latter helps best

  5. Phenotropil – very expensive, because it is very much raspiarili, there is a similar preporate called: Piracetan (costs 60 rubles, sold without a prescription), it is better to buy in capsules of 400 mg, a day 2 tabs and rushed)

  6. I don't know, but someone to believe yourself is more expensive! They sell pacifiers at an exorbitant price! I know glycine improves brain function, but to improve in my opinion there is no such thing yet, and if there is, it is not for sale.

  7. Caffeine doesn't help your brain, it just gives you energy. If there are no problems with the heart or blood pressure, and even with the kidneys, then there is a proven recipe for how to stay up at night. Three tablets of caffeine (100 mg each) are thoroughly crushed and poured into a jar with an energy drink. I warn you that caffeine is a very good diuretic, so keep it in mind.�

    Phenotropil thing though really raspiarennaya, but it works flawlessly. Unlike the same tenoten, which is a pure placebo, although it costs a lot and is promoted no less. There is only one thing but: Phenotropil is supposed to be a prescription drug, and its price is not small. But it works.�

    Pyracetam. If you want a normal piracetam, in any case do not take a domestic one. I have nothing against Russian drugs, to be honest, but in our country they do not know how to properly purify the active substance. Let me explain. Imagine that you had to eat a third-peeled tangerine. That is, with the skin. And no matter how delicious it is inside, the bitterness from the essential oils in the skin spoils everything. Also here. Domestic piracetam is cheaper, it is really effective, but if we assume a 400mg tablet, then only 150-200mg will really work there. Imported analogues are not called “piracetam”, they use different variations on the name of the active substance. Find in pharmacies is not difficult, sold without a prescription, beauty.�

    Glycine. How many times has it been said and written in a variety of resources: glycine is a heresy that does not help. Well, its effectiveness is not proven, it is produced in the body and so, there is no need to eat it in packs, if there is enough of it, it will be excreted from the body and leave no traces.�

    Vitamins. The best vitamins and minerals are those that we get from food. And mostly from vegetables, fruits and meat. Therefore, do not run to the pharmacy for a huge jar of the best multivitamins with a huge composition. It is better to buy more vegetables and fruits, eat a piece of boiled or stewed meat. If you're sick of all this proper nutrition, spit it out and fry the steak at the end. So you will be happy.eat fermented dairy products and the intestines will work well, a bowl of cottage cheese with sour cream and fruit in the morning will give you a huge dose of calcium and delicious vitamins. A plate of broth with chicken or beef cut into it and a large bunch of greens for lunch – you will live to dinner without thinking about food at all.�

    In general, my pure opinion is: why drink all sorts of chemistry, if you can do memory training in your spare time, study yourself and understand how you can more easily remember this or that amount of information. I'm not saying that you can study during the semester, it's unrealistic, I know from my own experience.�

    All the best to you and have a successful session:3

  8. Eleutherrococcus extract. True, after 12-16 hours after the reception, it cuts down completely in an effort to return the spent forces, so if you also have something important later, I strongly do not recommend it, fuck who will raise you later. Well, the pressure is very strong, it is contraindicated for hypertensive patients

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