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  1. You can recommend the podcast Daily Easy English Expression

    For me, the pros are:

    • short issues, usually 5-7 minutes long. It is convenient to listen in the car, in a minibus and just on the run ))
    • modern expressions that are 100% applicable in colloquial practice
    • many issues already more than 900

    Also, if you value your time, please install the 6 Minute English (from BBC)mobile app

    • also short issues
    • the ability to choose the type of podcast – on working out grammatical construction, on conversational practice on the topic, on English literature, on news

    Well, the British Council Podcasts are also very good.

  2. I have several training programs on my phone at once. There is the already mentioned Duolingo, as well as LinguaLeo and 10 steps (vocabulary simulator).

    Duolingo is divided by topic, where you can listen/speak, and write words or sentences. An element of the game is to collect hearts, which are saved with the correct answer and lost with the wrong one.

    LinguaLeo – more diverse – there are texts, music, videos, exercises (although not everything opens on the phone, on the computer-better). But it is convenient to read and learn words.

    10 steps is the simplest, but also quite good. It's just a word simulator. A dictionary of 1296 words. A word in English or its translation must be found from the list of the corresponding equivalent. You chose it correctly 10 times – it is considered that you learned it.

    I like all 3. Each has its own goal, but if one is still boring, you can practice on the other – variety.

    Something like this 🙂

  3. I advise you to visit the site�British Council, there are very good audio texts from carriers of different levels of complexity, as well as many other training materials. You are welcome, my friend, improve your language!

  4. For an advanced level, I recommend Luke's English podcast, a unique podcast with British English. In addition, there is not just a lecture/grammar all the time, the podcast is divided into three parts: something related to culture (Brexit, a new movie, etc.); a conversation with someone; actually, the lexical and grammatical part. He really helped me pass Ielts well.

    I also recommend Learn English with BBC and ESL (English as a second language).

  5. For the very beginning, duolingo is a great app for android(I don't know if there are any other devices).
    As for me, it is very convenient and with my minimal knowledge at the level of the 3rd grade, I pulled it up to 6 :)))

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