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  1. An unpleasant feeling from social injustice, from one's own wrong actions, pity is a consequence of the work of the neocortex to inhibit instinctive motives of behavior. As a result of evolution, human consciousness has a dual nature. The neocortex gives us human, social qualities. The limbic system underlying the brain regulates instinctual and hormonal processes.�

    When you experience social events, you feel the work of the part of the brain that made us human. Not to be confused with feelings about momentary relationships or sudden feelings for a stranger, these feelings are based on an instinctive-hormonal basis.

  2. In general, the fact that a person experiences mental pain is in some spiritual directions, called a form of ignorance, that is, avidya in Sanskrit, this is identification with the processes of the mind, when the non-eternal is taken for the eternal. Yogis, for example, develop a state of consciousness called non-dual (turya, amanaska, sunya, jivanmukti, samadhi, sahaja, etc.), in which there is no place for mental pain. This is all due to the underdevelopment of the spiritual plane, that is, the weakness of the soul, most of humanity is subject to such mental pain, but no one wants to work on themselves, because this is serious work and a person, as a rule, does not have time for such trifles, so they suffer.

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