One Answer

  1. 1) Analyze.

    2) Plan.

    3) Calculate in advance several options for the development of any situation.

    4) Make efficient use of available resources.

    More specifically, where can these skills be useful to us?

    1) The ability to analyze is useful in almost any intellectual field of employment. From programming to writing a variety of reviews.

    2) Planning skills are very valuable for both business and family life (see the example in point 4).

    3) In the modern world, any change can lead to various consequences. Having the ability to use this skill efficiently, a person will at least be able to see the overall picture much more broadly than when looking at the situation from only one side.

    4) Together with the ability to plan well, this skill is one of the most important factors on which a lot depends. For example, proper budgeting for weeks/months/years is the key to a successful future for both an individual subject(a person) and a large-scale object(for example, a company's business).

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