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  1. The question is incorrect – there can be no pros and cons. The Internet is just a fault-tolerant network of several computers located in different parts of the World, allowing you to exchange arbitrary data relatively quickly and securely. It exists now and will continue to exist in the future, in one form or another. It doesn't depend on you, on me, or even on those in power.

    Using the Internet provides what many people have been striving for-virtually unlimited opportunities to search and get absolutely any information in absolutely any volume.The correct use of this information is solely a matter of the level of intellectual development and personal responsibility of each individual.

    As for the social aspect , I personally don't give a damn about Internet addicts and other “spoiled children”. An idiot will always find something to resist, he does not need the Internet for this at all. The same goes for the statement that there is less live communication. I never saw much value in it, but the value of being able to communicate with anyone anywhere in the world in real time is obvious to everyone.

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