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  1. Perhaps by “mnemonic formulas” the author meant something slightly different. The most useful mnemotic techniques for memorizing large amounts of information (poems, numbers, words) are well described in Foer Joshua's book Einstein Walks on the Moon (I Advise you). These are mainly, of course, the so-called “memory palaces”.

    More specifically, here's a good technique for remembering dates:

    1. Each digit corresponds to a letter (0-s, 1-t/d, 2-h, 3-m, 4-r, 5-l, 6-w/h, 7-k / g, 8-v/f, 9-b/p). They need to be learned.

    2. We take any date, for example, the calling of the Varangians to Russia (862). In letters it will look like “vshn” (you could use f and h, but it's good without them). From this “vshn” we come up with a word, the first thing that comes to mind is “height” (well, or top).

    3. As vividly as possible, we draw the following picture : a ship sails from across the sea with Rurik and his brothers on board. They go to the shore, where they are met by representatives of the tribes and all together they climb to the nearest peak(!) a hill to view your future possessions. The more detailed the picture in your mind (weapons, clothing. facial expressions, wet ground of the hill), the better it will be remembered. Now, when you mention the calling of the Varangians, this picture with the hill will immediately appear in your head and the date will immediately pop up.

    (my girlfriend suggests that it would be better if they ate cherries, this image is much brighter.)

  2. Every hunter wants to know where the pheasant is sitting.

    How once Jacques the bell ringer of the city cut down a lantern.

    It's about the rainbow.

    Let's continue the topic of anatomy:

    Like Lyamin cribroz

    Krista gali moved in.

    Foramen tsekum is ahead,

    Behind – os sphenoidale.

    It's about the skull.

    Wake up the sinister undertaker rages the tone of the body, depriving your own language of an immeasurable share of pessimism – the first letters are the cranial nerves (olfactory, visual, oculomotor, block, trigeminal, abductor, facial, auditory, lingual, vagus, additional, sublingual).

    Verbs not from their own conjugation (probably 🙂 : See, Hear, and Watch. Breathe, Hold, And Twirl Again. Endure, Depend, Drive, Offend, and last. Hate.

    Ivan Gave Birth To A Girl And Ordered Her To Carry A Diaper. – Cases.

    The first thing that came to mind.

  3. As on a boat under the moon, three people ate peas, but took fish heads off the hook and put a trapezoid trapezoid-to remember the bones of the wrist (navicular, semilunar, trihedral, hook-shaped, head-shaped, trapezoid, trapezoid)

  4. UMRU – scheme of hand innervation by radial, medial and radial nerves.

    Unfortunately, I forgot all the other mnemonic rules.

    (You need 20 more characters)

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