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    1. There is a fairly well-reasoned theory that the desire to make all sorts of “sounds” during sex goes back to female monkeys, who try to attract higher-ranked males to the process by shouting than the one that is already there.

    2. Sheldon Cooper from “The Big Bang Theory” can't have Asperger's syndrome, based on the plot of the series. Most likely, he has OCD and serious pedagogical neglect.

    3. In Pushkin's time, “Eugene Onegin” was read as a comedy until the most tragic denouement (and it came out in chapters, like a TV series). “Tatiana's letter” is hilarious. This was all part of the discussion about high, low and art that was relevant in the educated society at that time. In general, Pushkin tried to persuade snobs and he succeeded, but we don't understand anything without context.

    4. Mirror neurons are neurons in the brain that respond to a visual image of a person by fully identifying with them. In other words, every time we see another person, a certain part of our brain believes that they are us, sends impulses to our hands and feet to check if they are in this position, tries to solve their physiological problems, “reacts to their emotions as if they are our own”, etc. We don't notice it, because the rest of the brain is blocking it from working.�It is believed that mirror neurons are the physiological mechanism of empathy,as well as intuition for relationships with people and all sorts of love-hate at first sight (=mentally tried on the micromimics and body language of another, and realized whether you are on the way or should stay away).

  1. I recently learned that triboluminescence can occur on sugar – that is, it glows from crystal fractures, although it is quite weak. And this has been known since 1620! But when I told people about it, and when they told me about it, I remembered some strange cases when people made powdered sugar in a coffee grinder and something started to sparkle in it. The glow is weak, it is difficult to capture it on video, and when you look at it, it seems that it is a glitch.

    But there are substances that make it quite bright and beautiful:


  2. Well, in general, something like that… clearly

    At one time, about 6 years ago, when I found out, I was so surprised that I plastered the picture

    One hundred and forty characters and one hundred and forty-three million citizens of the Russian Federation
  3. I think the most important fact for most people is that they are interested in their own person. Talk to them about them and I think they'll be interested!

  4. Pushkin's compatriots gave 5 rubles for one chapter of Eugene Onegin. there were 8 chapters (not counting wanderings), and people complained that for 8 “notebooks” they pay 40 rubles each. and yet they bought it. “wanderings” was written later, perhaps because Pushkin did not have enough money.�

    do you know what Dom Perignon said when he invented champagne? He shouted to his fellow monks, ” Come here quickly,I'm tasting the stars!”

    most of the tracks with laughter on television (meaning American) were recorded in the early fifties. so almost all the people you hear laughing are now dead.�

    Marilyn Monroe always cut the heel of one shoe so that one leg was slightly shorter than the other — so that the buttocks rubbed seductively against each other with each step.�

    also, the persistent pneumonia and bronchitis that Marilyn suffered from all her life were most likely the result of the habit of taking a bath of crushed ice before each appearance in public or on the set. covered up to her neck in ice, taking pills to keep the pain out of her body, she would lie in the tub for hours to keep her breasts and buttocks taut and firm. for the whole day.

  5. Simplicity, sincerity, decency and a great attitude! Openness doesn't hurt, but in moderation! And of course, healthy humor that liberates!

  6. One of the reasons why withdrawal is so painful for drug addicts, especially in the first two weeks, is due to the fact that during this period of time the body completely stops producing endorphins (one of the hormones of joy and pleasure)

    The desire of a person in love to look at the object of his sympathy over and over again is explained by the fact that the brain seems to have missed some (important) detail in her appearance

    There is a gene whose presence affects whether a person is inclined to change or not. It is also called the “treason gene”.

    The myth that�of forming habits is required 21 days born of plastic surgery in the mid-20th �century, when it was shown that on average, if a person is amputated arm/replace the on (or just in case of any changes �in the body), he needs 21 days to rebuild the neural network, which is responsible for this (though it is still not rebuilt)

  7. 1+2+3+4+5+…=—1/12


    The head blows off from such a thing, and on an intuitive level you understand that this is outright nonsense. “It doesn't happen that way.” Nevertheless, computational methods that have a foundation allow us to get such a remarkable result.�

    Actually an excerpt from the author's letter:

    “Dear Sir, it is with great pleasure that I read your letter of February 8th, 1913. I expected you to answer me in the same style as the professor of mathematics from London, who advised me to study Thomas Bromwich's Infinite Series carefully and not fall into the trap of divergent series. … I told him that, according to my theory, the sum of an infinite number of terms in a series: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + · · · = -1/12. If you find out, you will immediately point in the direction of a psychiatric hospital. I assure you that you will not be able to follow the thread of reasoning in my proof of this fact if I try to state them in a single letter. …»

    Some people may find it interesting. I don't know if this is a rare fact, but I came across an article in the Wiki quite recently.

  8. The female hyena has a false penis.

    In fact, this is the clitoris, which has reached an unthinkable size of 15 cm or more, having the appearance of a tube through this pseudo-penis passes the urethra, and also has the function of procreation and fertilization, which, by the way, is very interesting: both members (male and female) are erect and the male fertilizes the female directly into the “false penis”, after 3 months the female has puppies. It is important to note that at the first birth, the female may give birth to dead offspring, as a result of suffocation due to too narrow a channel, and in subsequent times the channel has already been developed to the desired size and there are no problems with childbirth.

  9. Tell us about the Sentinel tribe.

    At the moment, this is the only people inhabiting the planet who have not yet learned how to use the practical properties of fire for domestic purposes. In general, read about them – very interesting.

  10. An interesting fact that will surprise some people. In fact, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is hollow . Do not think that it was a fake , just the Leaning Tower of Pisa was destroyed to such an extent that it was no longer possible to restore it, and an identical version was made hollow inside . Another interesting fact about the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Everyone knows that the Leaning Tower of Pisa is tilted , but they don't know why . It's all about the soft ground . It tilted with the help of him.

  11. In fact, almost anything. Especially if it concerns something that is well-known or concerns a well-known person or event. A person in general is easily interested.

  12. If you want to surprise a girl, then ask her if she wants to see the effect of Professor Timiryazev firsthand.
    If you stand at a certain angle to the monument… the effect is enhanced in wet weather… remember forever

  13. Pluto is not a planet.

    The International Astronomical Union (IAU) has stripped Pluto of that title.

    Interesting facts related to this topic.
    1. Polls among Americans indicate that many of them are opposed to the decision also because Pluto was the only planet discovered by an American until the revocation of its status.

    1. The American Dialectological Society recognized the verb “to pluto” as the new word of 2006. It means “to lower the rank or value of someone or something, as happened with the now former planet Pluto”

    2. On March 13, 2007, the legislature of the state of New Mexico, where Clyde Tombaugh lived for a long time, unanimously decided that in his honor, Pluto in the New Mexican sky will always be considered a planet. On February 26, 2009, a similar resolution was passed by the Senate of the state of Illinois, where the discoverer of Pluto hails from. The Senate resolution claims that Pluto was “unfairly downgraded to a dwarf planet”

    4. Russia is geographically larger than Pluto

    We don't see the far side of the Moon

    Due to the fact that the period of rotation around the Earth and the period of rotation around its axis of the Moon are very close, only one hemisphere of the Moon can be observed from Earth.

    Rain is a good reason not to go to work in Portugal

    We always blame the rain, especially if you are in a hurry to get to work in the morning, and it is wet and muddy outside. And only residents of Portugal can not go to work on a rainy day. The fact is that in this country rain is a valid reason for not showing up for service.

    Portugal is the sunniest country in Europe, with 364 days without rain. Therefore, employers can afford such generosity by allowing their employees to spend one day at home. However, it is possible that in the conditions of a constant dry climate, the Portuguese will only be happy with an unexpected rain.

    Country that covers the maximum number of time zones: France. If you take into account all the territories of France, including overseas ones, it turns out that this country is located on 12 time zones. The USA occupies 11 belts, Russia — 9.

    Papua New Guinea
    Country with the largest number of Yazaks: Papua New Guinea. Although English is the official language in this country, it is actually a mere formality: no more than 2% of the population speaks English here. Papua New Guineans use more than 820 different languages, accounting for 12% of the world's languages.

  14. Never in my short life have I met a person who opened a bag of sugar correctly. Everyone suffers even, tears the top off or somehow gets perverted, but all you have to do is break it like a twig in the middle.

  15. If you shuffle a standard deck of 36 or 54 cards, it is very likely that this deck will be unique – that is, neither before this moment, nor after such a sequence of cards on Earth will not exist.

    1. Moonlight affects the growth of telegraph poles.
    2. Blue lighting in club toilets is designed to prevent drug addicts from seeing the veins on their arm.
  16. So far, no one has touched on art, so here:

    * Other people's bears in Shishkin's painting

    The landscape artist Shishkin, who could perfectly draw every blade of grass, did not get bears when creating the picture “Morning in a Pine Forest”. Therefore, the bears were drawn by another artist – Savitsky. And Tretyakov asked to erase Savitsky's name from the canvas, because the idea and manner of execution completely belonged to Shishkin.

    •Black square and red corner

    Malevich's ” Black Square “was first presented at the futuristic exhibition” 0,10 ” in 1915. The “black square” hung in the most prominent place – in the red corner, where icons were traditionally hung in Russian homes. Therefore, everyone perceived the painting as a challenge to Orthodoxy and an anti-Christian gesture. Alexandre Benoit, for example, wrote: “Undoubtedly, this is the icon that the Futurist gentlemen put up in place of the Madonna.”

    * The story of the donkey's tail

    “Donkey's tail” was the name of the association of Russian avant-garde artists. They decided to call themselves that because of the story that happened in Paris in 1910. Then in the “Salon des Miserables” was exhibited a painting by the Italian master Boronali “Sunset over the Adriatic”. It won critical acclaim and was purchased by a collector… after that, it turned out that the picture was painted with the tail of a donkey. The purpose of this artistic provocation was to show how shaky everything is in modern art. The creation of the donkey looked organically among the newfangled avant-garde works.

  17. Incredibly, but a fact !The length of the penis of the Argentine savka reaches 32-45 cm, while the length of the duck itself is 28 cm.

    This is usually enough to attract attention)

  18. The word “day” is related to the word “weave”. Day and night are woven together to make a day.

    In the fairy tale about Princess Nesmeyana, Nesmeyana is a female name, not a nickname. In the past, the names Smeyan and Nesmeyana were quite common, as well as other unexpected names for modern times, such as Ulyba, Zorya, Zabava. Of these names, only the permanent trio of Faith, Hope, and Love is firmly used.

  19. In Azerbaijan, there is a tradition: When the wedding night takes place, the so-called “yengya” sits outside the door, she waits for the end of sexual intercourse, and then she takes a sheet and looks if there is blood there to make sure that the bride is a virgin, and then shows this sheet publicly and everyone rejoices

  20. Initially, Pakman was called Pukman.This is because the name comes from the Japanese expression “Shake your head with your mouth open until you are stupefied”!We decided to change the name because we thought that the game with the name Pukmen might not take root….

  21. Hippos are the closest relatives of whales, and damas are the closest relatives of elephants )

    The only time when, it seems, I would like to write more than the limit, but they ask me to name small facts)

  22. There is a very cool collection of such facts from the team of creators of the British intellectual comedy-game TV program QI (quite interesting – very interesting). It is called “Quite interesting book” or “1227 facts that will make you stunned” in Russian translation.

    From the book, you can learn, for example, that when the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre in 1911, Pablo Picasso was among the suspects. Or that there are so many diamonds in the world that every inhabitant of the planet would get a full cup.

    It's funny that as a true “Brit”, with his facts he is slightly biased towards the British and Jews)

  23. I apologize in advance to the girl who is afraid of space. If you are reading this right now, then don't read any further, it will be about space.

    Now, the cosmos is so vast that it takes a very long time for the light from some planet that we can observe with a telescope to reach your eye looking through the telescope. Light takes millions of years to reach Earth from some distant planet. So when you look through a telescope at a planet, the light from that planet actually came from it a long time ago. That is, a VERY long time ago.�If any extraterrestrials are looking at Earth with their telescopes right now, they are not seeing us today, or even Pushkin getting fatally wounded in a duel, they are seeing dinosaurs walking around the Earth. And when we look at a planet or star with a telescope right now, we also see it in a state millions of years ago, and today, perhaps, it no longer exists.

  24. The snapping of fingers on the neck, symbolizing, say, an offer of a drink, or just the mention of alcohol in the dialogue, has occurred since the time of Peter 1.The fact is that the soldiers working for him had special tattoos on their necks. When they came to the bar, they pointed to the tattoo with this gesture to the guards. They were given free drinks)))

  25. If you fold a piece of paper 42 times, its size will be equal to the distance from the Earth to the Moon. If you add it up 101 times, it will exceed the size of the universe.

  26. Until recently, the color blue did not exist in the history of mankind.�

    In the Odyssey, Homer compares the sea to the color of ” dark wine.” But why “dark wine” and not dark blue or green?

    In 1858, a scientist named William Gladstone, who later became Prime Minister of Great Britain, noticed that this was not the only strange description of color. The poet described page after page of intricate details of clothing, armor, weapons, facial features, animals, and more. But his references to paints are very unusual. Iron and sheep are purple; honey is green.

    Gladstone decided to count the number of references to each color in the book. It turned out that black occurs almost 200 times; white-about 100; other colors are much less common. Red-less than 15 times, and yellow and green-less than 10. Gladstone turned to other ancient Greek texts and found the same thing-blue was not mentioned anywhere. The word didn't even exist.

    It seemed that the Greeks lived in a gloomy and gloomy world, devoid of bright colors, with a predominance of black, white and metal color, with rare flecks of red or yellow.

    Gladstone decided that this was a unique perception of color only among the ancient Greeks. But his ideas were developed by the German philologist and philosopher Lazarus Geiger, who noted in his writings that something similar was observed in different cultures.

    He studied Icelandic sagas, the Koran, ancient Chinese stories, and the Hebrew version of the Bible. Geiger wrote about Hindu Vedic hymns: “In these works, more than ten thousand lines abound with descriptions of heaven. There is hardly an object that is described more often. The sun, blazing dawns, day and night, clouds and lightning, air and ether-all this is revealed to us again and again… but there is something that no one would ever know from these ancient songs. That the sky is blue.”

  27. The origin of the name of the well-known bluetooth technology is interesting. It is named after the Danish King Harald Bluetooth, who was so called because he was very fond of blueberries, which is why his teeth were often blue. Harald is also famous for being able to unite disparate warring Viking tribes under his command, just as bluetooth unites different devices.

  28. – The founder of the Stoic school, the ancient Greek philosopher Chrysippus, who lived in the third century BC, once gave his donkey wine to drink. This was a bad idea . Watching his drunken donkey try to eat figs , Chrysippus died of laughter.
    -More than 40% of adults are convinced that primitive people hunted dinosaurs.

  29. Did you know that Pacman was originally called Pukman? This is because the name comes from the Japanese expression ” Shaking your head with your mouth open until you are stupefied.” We decided to change the name because we thought that the game with the name Pukmen might not take root….Well you know

  30. If you find yourself at the Mayakovskaya metro station (Moscow), immediately lead your companion to one of the columns. Place him facing the column from the inside, where the metal gutters that rise to the roof of the station and lead to the column behind him are located. Run to the very column opposite, first asking him to say something into one of the gutters. The magic is that you will hear it and be able to respond to it. You can use it as a declaration of love or as a threat 🙂 Not so impressive, but still surprising if you just tell it as a fact.

  31. The Moscow metro was originally called the L. M. Kaganovich metro. The first metrostroevtsy were given corresponding badges. The badges were numbered, like awards. The Moscow metro did not bear Kaganovich's name for long; such badges are now rare. I especially like to observe the reaction of people living in Moscow, sometimes native Muscovites, to this information. When you show such an icon, most often you hear:: “- And where is this metro?” They are very surprised.

  32. A baby raccoon is called a puppy.

    90 percent of the total fresh water on Earth is found in Antarctica.

    If you put a little salt in a full glass of water, the water will not overflow over the edges. Its level-on the contrary-will decrease.

  33. For example, the fact that platypuses mate in a missionary position. They are also oviparous, which is very strange and unusual for mammals. More than one interesting conversation began with this fact, use it on your health.

  34. After the wedding, the couple goes on their HONEYMOON. This is due to an ancient tradition, when the bride's father gave the groom honey beer to drink for a month.
    73 is 21 prime numbers, its mirror image 37 is the twelfth, whose reflection-21 – is the result of multiplication.. don't fall down… seven and three! In the binary system 73, this is also a polydrome-1001001.

  35. There are 28 letters in the Arabic alphabet, and all of them are consonants, so you can only read the word out loud if you don't have vocalizations,knowing the formulas.�
    In Arabic (and, if I'm not mistaken, many Eastern languages), punctuation marks appeared quite late, and they are usually put in random order. If in the Russian language we usually put commas when listing, then it is easier for Arabs to write a word each time – “and”. And here, by the way, look like a comma and a question mark -“،””؟”.
    Personally, it was a great discovery for me that the names of some Arab states in Russian consist of sounds that in principle do not exist in Arabic. I'm not a linguist, so I can only explain it in everyday language.
    ع ع عمان-reads something like ' uman. This is Oman. There is no “o” sound in literary Arabic.
    فلللييي ف ف ف ف – ~pronounced Fylastin, spelled Falastin. This is Palestine. There is no “p” sound in literary Arabic.
    مصر – read as Misr. And this is Egypt 🙂
    المغرب-El Maghreb-Morocco.
    Also, in Arabic, some dialects are so different from each other that people can't always understand each other. Of course, literary Arabic helps. But you can always understand what country a person came from.

  36. The human body is very likely to contain atoms of substances formed as a result of explosions of different supernovae located at huge distances from each other.

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