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  1. Evolution can't make mistakes. Because it doesn't have any goals. You don't call a flood a “rain bug” or a drought a “sun bug.”

    In short, nature, if it had consciousness, would subscribe to the famous phrase ” We can't be led astray, we don't care where to go.” And roles and goals are human inventions.

  2. Living matter is a tool for the development of a living intelligent Nature.

    Humanity knows almost nothing about itself – and this is not due to a great mind and high culture – on the contrary. There is no reason for great pride. People make mistakes, but not Nature.

  3. It all depends on the point of view.

    From the point of view of humanity, I will assume such a modest right to answer this question – the development of our species is certainly progressive and important. And perhaps even unique for our galaxy in the sense of an amazing combination of conditions in our solar system, that biological life appeared on the third planet…

    But in philosophy, such a point of view is also important, as if from the outside. So from this point of view, humanity is on a planet like this… mold, which devours the outer side of the shell with the likely threat of destroying not only all living things, but also themselves. That is, humanity can carry out a complete disinfection itself, without any outside help.

    However, there were once dinosaurs on the planet that had a dead-end branch of development. Perhaps that's why they were destroyed by a small meteorite, but with great efficiency.

    The same technique, by the way, can be applied to humanity, if it finally does not stop killing its own kind and takes up the real task of going out into space to settle on other planets.

    As programmers say: it can't be, but it can be.

  4. Evolution does not and cannot make any mistakes, because evolution has no goal. This is nothing more than a description of processes in complex systems. You can even reasonably deny the existence of complex systems, by the way.

    Questions of this kind, when abstract concepts are given individuality, experimentally demonstrate how ideas about the first Gods arose. There is something big and powerful – we will give an individual and start fantasizing about his goals judging by ourselves.

  5. Humanity has an ecosystem role, which can be realized only thanks to the intelligence and technical equipment of people. During the development of life on earth, a huge amount of carbon, the most valuable element of life, was chained up in the earth's interior. Humans extract these trillions of tons of fossil carbon from the earth and release it into the atmosphere, re – including it in trophic chains, to the delight of plants, fungi, bacteria and all sorts of other small animals that will devour humanity itself when it fulfills its food mission. This is the greatest meaning of existence, the grandiose role of humanity in the universe.


  6. Humanity is not the goal or mistake of the Evolution of the universe

    Humanity is its natural result.Well, and (only between us ) and only between us And from the point of view of fashionable Anthropic theory

    the existence of humanity matters.

    It consists of

    participate in Progress.

    It consists of continuous generation of needs and creation of means to meet them.

    Which is impossible without the continuous accumulation of rational knowledge. That is, knowledge that generates new knowledge

    Namely, to continuously increase Knowledge.

    And, in the end, understand. why the universe exists.

    This is the main goal of the country. Companies.and and an individual. Which justifies the reduction of irreplaceable resources necessary for life in the course of their existence.

    So far, the proposed answer to the question seems out of touch and far-fetched.

    Perhaps already at the end of this century it will rise practically

    the question of selecting a contingent of people who should first be put on a spaceship and sent to explore other worlds.

    Along the way, saving them from the lack of food on an overpopulated globe.


  7. Regarding the role of humanity in the universe and mistakes on the path of humanity, I have such a constructive idea: it is necessary to address this question to a specialist who understands the evolution of people.

    For example, to an anthropologist. Preferably a candidate or doctor of science. Surely a person who has been working on these issues for decades is better versed in them than we non-specialists?

    There are a lot of videos on YouTube of the anthropologist Drobyshevsky, candidate of biological Sciences. You can even ask him questions there.


  8. humanity is technically created biorobots. and their goal is the one that the creators set ..

    once the planet Earth existed on its own, it developed a life consisting of fungi and arthropods .. it was then that evolution brought native species to the state of developed creatures .. in simple terms, we can say that the local arthropods have developed to the state of “cavemen” (as we would put it on the example of humans).

    but one terrible day, humanoid aliens arrived on the planet, found the planet quite suitable for mining fossils, and colonized it.

    to work and develop the planet, several hundred thousand humanoid biorobots were dropped on it about once every 400,000 years. after the reset, the humanoids fulfilled their goals and adapted to the conditions of the planet (this is what we now take for “evolution”).. some individuals of humanoids degraded from their own imperfection, and turned into animals .. some of them were dying out .. at the proper time, a new batch of biorobots was reset again .. and so for millions of years in a row … … … presumably aliens for some reason scored on the planet earth, and the “biorobot synthesizer” remained in the solar system, and continues its work to this day … the last discharge was 40,000 years ago.

    those individuals that landed first on the planet multiplied, degraded, and created already adapted species .. they occupied various ecological niches and competed with arthropods .. as a result, the constant introduction of “alien” genetic material into the planet's ecosystem has created different vegetation, and many creatures with alien designs (internal skeleton, iron-based blood, etc.).. so all the animal species that we know today, including the extinct ones, appeared ..

    so on our planet there are two biological branches of living things – “arthropods”and ” chordates”. arthropods evolved millions of years ago and remain themselves, almost unchanged .. and the unsuccessful design of a human (biorobot) cannot adapt to the conditions of the planet in any way and is constantly forced to change and degrade into animals … so, animals, especially mammals, are not just our smaller brothers, but our great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfathers, but absolutely not in the sense that evolutionists think, it was not they who evolved in us, but we degraded in them.

    today, we are humans-descendants of those who were dumped 40,000 years ago, and for example Neanderthals are the degraders of the previous dump … and all sorts of Australopithecines are descendants of those who were thrown off even earlier … dinosaurs, crocodiles, whales, mammoths, dogs, bats – – – these are all descendants of biorobots dropped at different times on the planet, and the more time a person degrades, and depending on the ecological cell, the more it changes .. but only the design remains unchanged – a bony skeleton, blood on the gland, and an eye turned inwards …

    unfortunately, the degradation also applies to us, the original biorobot model contains 1500 brain cubes, muscle strength of 200% of the weight … modern people – 1100 cubes and 60%.

    so, to answer your question, biorobots of some kind of humanoid cevillization play absolutely no role in the universe … and there is no evolution (in the sense of development) either … and our deplorable (degrading) state is explained by the fact that we are initially just expendable material, and the ecology of this planet does not suit us at all .. unless by turning into a turtle, we have a chance to stop degradation … either by becoming a crocodile, or go to the depths of the sea in the form of whales.

    however.. I would not be surprised if people in 300 years for example flew to other planets .. Fuck it, and there are almost the same people …

    that's all awesome .. it's just that our creators sent their biorobots all over the galaxy .. for the general benefit.

    it's scary to imagine what nonsense evolutionists will then spin about the uniqueness of human development… like-biological life and evolution have no other purpose than to create a human being in his human form! .. anthropocentrism will be just off the scale!

    and think about it, if on that other planet, not arthropods like ours, but some kind of initially silicate life! … I'd like to take a look at it.

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