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  1. At one time, I happened to work as a “scribbler” on a website with horoscopes, love spells, talismans and other nonsense. The work is fun and uncomplicated, all the material was taken from the head, invented on the go, there was no question of any authenticity.�

    Once I had to write an article about nightmares and how to deal with them. The main condition is that there should be more mysticism, and no plagiarism. I don't remember everything I thought up, but the main idea was this: if you want to get rid of nightmares, go and tell your loved ones about them in detail. �

    And just recently, I was faced with the fact that almost every night, I jumped up from really terrible dreams. A couple of times even let down a tear, in general, so-so night entertainment. And at that moment, I remembered the method that I once described, and you know, it helped! I recounted the nightmare to a friend in detail and, lo and behold, a calm and sound sleep.

    I think it's just a simple coincidence, but maybe it'll help someone.

  2. I have a more direct idea, although psychologists will say that I may have missed the point.

    But spend an active day, do not eat at night, for example, after 6 U. Make sure that the room is calm and quiet.

    IMHO. You can deal with your mind for a long time. But one thing is important – if you sleep soundly, you will not have any good or bad dreams.

    Have a good night's sleep!:)

  3. As a child, I was very frightened by a dog, and therefore I began to have nightmares. This continued until my grandmother recommended that I put a knife under my pillow. The nightmares stopped immediately.

    My grandmother explained that the dark forces were afraid of sharp objects, and I believed her.

    Probably, this phenomenon is explained by elementary suggestion, and it will not help adults, but it is just right for children.

  4. Scientists believe that nightmares are a product of the activity of the human brain. Unpleasant emotions and impressions experienced by a person, unresolved internal conflicts, are processed by the brain, and neutralized in sleep with the help of nighttime “horror movies”.

    Thus, we get a psychological reset, get rid of excessive nervousness and stress. In the event that nightmares with a similar plot are repeated — we get a hint: at the subconscious level, there is a problem that needs to be worked out.

    do not be afraid of nightmares, because they are a product of our subconscious mind, which tells us: there are problems in our life that we ignore or simply fear them, we need to work on our character and way of thinking. Unpleasant dreams usually stop along with the solution of these problems.

    To understand what is the source of a bad dream, you can analyze its plot, images, and symbols. To do this, immediately after waking up, write down the nightmare to the smallest detail.

    Talk to horror images to help you understand what you fear and avoid in life, and find ways to resolve conflicts and problems.

    Discuss your dream with someone you can trust. A third-party look will help you discover your shortcomings or complexes that you may not be aware of.

    Imagine a happy ending to a scary story and tell it to someone close to you or read it out loud for yourself. So that your subconscious mind hears and learns the new scenario of the night's “film”.

    Drawing therapy.

    Draw scary pictures from a nightmare, remembering and fixing all the smallest details. While looking at the drawing, try to find an image that causes you fear, protest, and resentment.

    Finish the picture as you wish — add fun colors, positive and kind characters, and a happy ending to the plot.


    the source of nightmares is our unresolved internal and external conflicts.

    No need to wait for the blows of fate, if you had a nightmare in a dream, resolutely dismiss disturbing thoughts, and just as resolutely get down to business: find the cause of the nightmare and get rid of it.

    It is especially important to engage in “debriefing” if terrible dreams come again. If you can't manage on your own, be sure to contact our specialists.

    I hope that the information about why you have nightmares, their causes and meaning turned out to be useful, and you will be able to get rid of unpleasant dreams, restore high-quality and healthy sleep, and gain confidence and a positive attitude in the daytime reality.

    Good luck and good dreams:)

  5. When I was 6-7 years old, I sometimes “swam” and had the same nightmare for several days in a row.�

    I'm in my apartment. Evening-night. Whether I feel somehow very small, or the rooms have become larger, but nevertheless my size, as well as the size of the rooms are the same as always – there is just a feeling. I think there's a poltergeist in the apartment. I get very scared, I crawl under some table (my body is wadded up and not being fed food, so even this was not always possible and sometimes I just lay on the floor in the middle of the room) and try to tell my parents about it, but I can't say anything, and if I can, my parents don't seem to hear me. I can hear various sounds, rustling sounds, and a poltergeist yelling at me, but apparently I'm the only one who can hear it. I also have a feeling that if I can't tell anyone about this, then something very bad will happen (a poltergeist will kill someone from my family, etc.). For a while I sit under the table in a state of horror and helplessness, and then I wake up. �

    The funny thing is that when I had this nightmare, I knew that I was having a nightmare, that I was dreaming. Every time as soon as I started to hear some rustles, sounds, etc. I was attacked by this helplessness – that, they say, right now it will start again, again this fear and painful expectation-when will I “let go” and when will I finally wake up.�

    And during another nightmare, I came up with the idea-if this is my nightmare, that is, my dream, then why should I be afraid of someone? I just got out from under the table, intending to shout something, like-ALO WE HAVE a POLTERGEIST IN THE APARTMENT, took a breath and then I got another awesome idea-since this is my dream, then I can do what I want? Well, then I went out of the window without saying anything and started doing all sorts of heresy.�

    In general, I mean that if you dream about it really often, then sooner or later you will understand that somewhere you have already seen it, in short, you “realize” yourself in a dream, but then it's up to you

  6. Well, many people have already written about stress, but nightmares can also occur against the background of complete calm and lack of stress factors.

    As my diabetology teacher ( a very smart and respected woman) used to say, most often nightmares occur against the background of hypoglycemia, that is, if the body feels stressed during sleep when there is a lack of nutrients (glucose) �

    To avoid this, you need to eat right, do not overeat and do not starve before going to bed. I don't know about the general population, but I have nightmares most often in the middle of the night or in the early morning, and never at the beginning of sleep, which basically proves that hypoglycemia plays an important role in their occurrence.

  7. I would recommend taking a sedative, getting a good airing and turning off the heating in the room before going to bed, changing the pillow and not stirring up your nerves before going to bed with Facebook and TV shows, and also thinking about a vacation. In my life, a two-week migraine with nightmares at night was caused by horse stress and working 4 months without days off in an organization during a raider takeover. I quit, went to Morko – the nightmares didn't happen.

  8. It is important to understand what their nature is and what you associate them with. This can be quite difficult to do, in my experience. Also, everyone can have their own understanding of nightmares, because we are all differently developed and have personal fears, desires and plans. When you analyze what you see in a dream,you should think about why it can somehow get into your dream and try to get rid of the causes by fighting a certain fear,or by disappearing thoughts about it.�

    Personally, I once decided to try using the advice to trigger a lucid dream. But it wasn't as easy as I'd imagined. Yes, I felt and created something. But beyond that, there were some stronger creators in my dream than I was. It all descended into the fact that I was haunted throughout my dreams by things I didn't want to see. It haunted me in the most unpleasant way, although perhaps many would have heard what I saw and said “what's so terrible about it?”but it was a nightmare for me. I would wake up with a wild headache and some stupid thoughts that wanted to exhaust the possibility that what happened in the dream would happen. Only it was already unrealistic. In general, it lasted me about 2 or 3 days and then I just refused to sleep for a long time, thanks to the charge of cheerfulness from watching my favorite show running at night. Accordingly, after that, my whole brain was occupied only with this show and when I was still tired, I just passed out and saw my old-favorite dream: darkness (darkness, i.e. nothing) . After that, I analyzed why I saw what I saw. The bottom line is that on the first day I tried these lucid dreams,3 completely unrelated people reminded me of what I was dreaming about. They rarely write to me at all,and then there's this. In general, I tried as much as possible to let everyone know that this topic does not interest me. It is not interested, but does not cause inconvenience. If I said the latter, I'm afraid there would only be more questions.�

    What I mean by this. In my version, it was worth finding out why it got into my head so much. That is, it became a serious challenge for me to hear about it so often from other people.�

    The elements of sleep can also be affected by foreign objects. For example, some noises. Again, it is very good when you say you go to bed early, sometime later, and eventually find out if there are any noises, or something else that appears while you sleep. Perhaps you should not even get rid of them, just find out about their existence and in your dreams they will no longer acquire any volume and meaning.�

    It would be desirable, of course, to describe the nature of your nightmares, so that it would be easier to understand what is wrong with you. But this is of course at your discretion.�

    Good luck in your difficult task!

  9. Nightmares can be related to the stress that accumulates from day to day, and which you can not yet cope with, although this is not the only reason for them. Perhaps you are just a very impressionable nature and, being afraid of something during the day, transfer it to a dream, thinking again. It also happens.
    Working through the most difficult situation for yourself in a dream, you thus make it easier for yourself to meet it in real life, perhaps hypothetically, and prepare to react without harm to yourself. If I'm right, then try to think about what leads to such an abundance of negativity, and slowly begin to untie this stressful tangle. Solve problems, find answers, cut out unnecessary things, and add important ones. And then there will be no place for nightmares to come from.
    All the best to you and good luck! Sleep well.:)

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