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  1. I would assume that you suffer from hypochondria. That is, suspiciousness in relation to your health and everything related to it . Often such people can be depressed even by the slightest change in their body, the signs of various appearances can also be exaggerated. The habit of suffering about and without is formed from childhood. People who have not received enough attention from their parents in their time may acquire such “self-oppression”in the future. When you are rarely surrounded by care and do not show possible interest, the only way out for the child is often a special attraction of attention. After all, when we are sick and suffering, frankly speaking, it is in such situations that our condition worries our loved ones.

    The method of attracting attention through suffering is fixed, and by demonstrating it, a person learns to get benefits.

    To cope with this condition, you should bring your thoughts and guesses closer to reality as often as possible. You can try to get the necessary information from specialists, so as not to upset yourself in vain or take the necessary measures in a timely manner. Also, a good way out can be a desire and effort to get to know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses (both physically and psychologically). This will help you distinguish fictions from the real state of affairs .Instead of suffering from imaginary diagnoses and assumptions, you need to learn to talk your fears out with other people and not get hysterical ahead of time. Don't let your emotions overshadow the voice of reason . Ask for support, perhaps a person who happened to be there at a difficult moment can guide you on the true path and dispel all dark thoughts . Be wary of being alone if your thoughts become even more intense when you are with yourself. You can also add that if your conditions are accompanied by panic attacks, then you need to understand much more deeply, and it is better to contact a psychotherapist.

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