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  1. In order to quickly fall asleep, you need to adhere to the regime, that is, go to bed at the same time, this time, learn to relax your body before falling asleep. And preferably before you go to bed, take a warm shower or a warm bath. If you do this, you will fall asleep without any problems. With respect.

  2. Read Our Father and you will fall asleep. There are also folk remedies. Here is a recipe that I use myself. Dry motherwort. If not, then buy it at the pharmacy. Dry unroasted chicory root. Chicory grows everywhere. You can also buy it at the pharmacy. And third, dry dill seeds. All three ingredients on a teaspoon per half liter of boiling water. In the evening, drink in two or three receptions and sleep comes dead. I don't even dream. This decoction also helps to get rid of tuberculosis. I myself have been drinking for the fourth month and the X-ray has already shown improvements. Sweet dreams:)

  3. Ahahah, I read what they advise here… God, you can't sleep β€” just keep doing what you did before you went to bed, surf the Internet, watch a movie, play music with your headphones on as a last resort, and see what you like.

  4. There is a way to learn how to fall asleep quickly. However, to do this, you need to try for 10 days. First, you need physical effort. You just need to train. How-it doesn't matter: run, pull up, jump rope, walk. The main thing is to get tired in the evening. Before you go to bed, turn on your meditation music. It will be better if you listen for 30 minutes to the sound of rain, the sound of the forest, the voice of birds. And when you go to bed, don't turn off these sounds. But before you go to bed, drink a decoction of mint or oregano, you can use valerian.

    After 10 days, just turn on the music. And go to bed. This is if you are healthy, if you are not allergic to mint, oregano and valerian. If insomnia is just the result of overexertion, fatigue, or a failure of the daily routine.

  5. I have such a recipe (of course, subjective) – imagine an attractive situation, but unrealistic (for example, a bag with a billion dollars fell on you). And start to deploy the situation. Follow your actions step-by-step, what you would buy first, where you would live and with whom, etc. Only in detail and in colors. I usually fall asleep in the tenth minute.

  6. You can go out on the balcony or outside and cool down a little. And then it's easier to fall asleep under a warm blanket 😌
    And if you need to work out a schedule, then every evening for a couple of hours before bedtime, dim the lights and sound, minimize the bright phone screen – then as for the situation. To this, you can add valerian/motherwort or something pleasant like warm tea or milk – to relax from the inside. Do this regularly and the body will get used to it 😏

  7. You can try to read something before going to bed. For example, the Bible. It says:

    “Finally, my brethren, consider what is only true, what is just, what is just, what is pure, what is gracious, what is honorable, what is only virtue and praise” (Phil 4: 8).

    Reading the Bible will help you think about positive things, and this calms you down and makes you fall asleep in peace. In addition, you can learn something new, interesting and useful from reading.

    “All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching” (2 Timothy 3: 16).

    The Bible can also be studied thematically.

  8. do not force yourself and try to fall asleep . if you do not want to sleep, then the body does not need it . in such cases, I either sit in the computer or put things in order on the table or in the closet. and if you want to sleep but can't fall asleep, then you have something wrong with your health and most likely you know what the reason is. and if the body is tired, it will fall asleep with light, music, and any external stimulus.

  9. Instructions:
    1. An hour before bedtime, no entertainment activities (computer, gadgets). You need to calm down or take a walk. That is, to relieve psychoemotional tension.
    2. For half an hour, milk (green tea) with honey.
    3. Compliance with the condition of three “T's”. Dark, Warm, Quiet.
    4. Breathing technique 4:7:8- (see online)
    We inhale as much air as possible, counting up to 4.
    Hold your breath, count to 7.
    We exhale noisily through the open mouth, counting up to 8.
    This is the first cycle. You need to repeat the same thing 3 more times to get a total of 4 cycles.

  10. Can't sleep?! Maybe you're just not ready for bed.

    You need not only to put your hygiene in order (as many people understand preparing for bed). But also get your head in order.

    If you decide to fall asleep, then all your business should be left for tomorrow and stop thinking about them. But this should be done in a clever way, and not like in the game “Don't scratch your nose for 5 minutes”. Get distracted by something neutral, and then try not to think at all. Smile at the ceiling or the person you're sleeping with and close your eyes.

    Sometimes problems with sleep are caused not only by wandering thoughts, but also by the inability to relax. To relax, you need to bring the bed in the right state, sometimes a fold of the sheet under the back can spoil the whole rest. If this doesn't help, then strain yourself with all your strength, well, almost everyone(no one wants to scrape nutella off the bed linen), and then relax abruptly. Ideally, this should give you goosebumps. If this does not help, drink a soothing tea.

    Enjoy your dreams!

  11. If you spent a very lazy day, that is, the physical load on your body was minimal (or as everyone says, “spent a little inertia”), then you need to get up, do some exercises, actions and then drink tea with honey, or lemon or cookies, and then go to bed. I assure you, these actions are verified by meπŸ‘Œ
    If you spent a sooo active day and you don't feel like sleeping, then this is an overload of the body or an overabundance of inertia. In such cases, you just need to lie still and bring the body to rest…… Sweet dreams to you πŸŒƒ ✨

  12. First of all, you need to properly approach the process of preparing for bed.

    In most cases, this is the key to a good night's sleep.

    • give up your TV, smartphone, or computer;

    • try to reduce any negative emotions as much as possible;

    • light snack 2 hours before bedtime;

    • eliminate tea, coffee, and alcohol in the evening;

    • do not take a hot bath, cold or contrast shower.

    Banal recommendations, but they really work.

    If this does not help, then do not bother yourself, calm down, take a book, sleep will not take long to wait.

  13. If you are a fairly young and relatively healthy person, then sleep disorders may be primarily associated with an incorrect regime. Here is a list of common errors:

    1) Fall asleep in a room where it is light, even if the light is weak, even if it is moonlight, or some lantern in the distance in your yard. Forget about your computer and electronic gadgets, too. Maximum possible darkness in the room. Melatonin is a sleep hormone, and its release in the body is suppressed in response to light exposure to your eyes. This is also why there are eye masks for sleeping.

    All this typical bullshit – falling asleep under the computer, phone or TV, or sleeping with the night light on – forget about it.

    2) Do not do anything “activating” before going to bed – no physical activity, watching horror movies, or eating large amounts of hard-to-digest food, especially spicy ones. It is better not to drink coffee, tea, or energy drinks at all after 5-6 pm, or even earlier. Smoking before bed is also a bad idea.

    3) A soft or too hard pillow / mattress is bad, as is the temperature above 20-25 degrees in the room. From the heat and stuffiness, falling asleep is worse.

    4) Try not to load your brain with thoughts about your problems before going to bed.

    What can I do in addition?οΏ½

    1) Melatonin is sold without a prescription. It helps, but the price bites (it can cost more than 500 rubles per pack) and it should be taken 1 hour before bedtime and already at this time reduce the light in the room. Taking melatonin tablets is useless if you continue to be exposed to bright light after taking it. This is not a typical sleeping pill that can knock a person out just on the go. No.

    2) Soothing teas of the “healthy sleep” type. Most often, it contains chamomile, motherwort, valerian, etc.

    3) Physical activity during the day. Before going to bed, it is harmful to be active, but during the day it is useful. A sedentary lifestyle disrupts the normal functioning of the “tired – need to sleep” system. 1-2 hours before going to bed, you can take a light walk for 20-30 minutes in the fresh air.

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