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  1. If you don't hear it at all, try switching to alarm clocks like smart fitness bracelets. Firstly, the “smart wake” mode can really make it easier to wake up, and secondly, they vibrate on your hand, so this “contact” method of waking up may be more suitable for you.

    In general, the simplest and most obvious of all possible life hacks is to place an alarm clock (or a phone with it) as far away from the bed as possible, so that you can't turn it off without getting up from the bed. To be sure, you can still put some annoying sound so that it is absolutely impossible to listen to it for a long time, then you will definitely have to get up.

  2. If a person has stopped hearing the alarm clock, what does this mean? This means that his body has not fully recovered from sleep by morning, and it takes more time to rest. This usually happens in two cases: either with an increased load on the body, most often we are talking about physical activity, because after it, the duration of sleep increases, or that a person consciously restricts himself in sleep time in order to have more time. This is a more realistic situation. Therefore, the so-called sleep pressure accumulates and does not allow a person to wake up in the morning.�

    Normalizing your sleep mode will help. The recommended international standard of sleep is seven hours. And you need to ask yourself the question, how much does a person sleep-five hours or seven? If it's seven, then you need to look for other questions.

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