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  1. The previous answer demonstrates the common “pull yourself together and overcome” attitude, which rarely works in practice. In fact, what you describe says at least about stress and fatigue in your body, and the deterioration of mental performance can even be a symptom of depression. You should analyze other features of your condition. Is there a sense of guilt, low mood, loss of energy, blunted emotional reactions, problems with sleep? If the answer is yes, it is better to contact a psychotherapist or a clinical psychologist (the psychologist is not a doctor, but can distinguish pathology from the norm and tell you what to do next). Please don't discount your problems and run them. At the initial stage, they are much easier to deal with.

  2. Imagine that you (your consciousness) are divided into a Child, an Adult, and a Parent. These three people always argue on this or that issue. Right now you're whining like a baby. You need to include an adequate adult and understand what you are doing and why. Plus, learning something at home is harder than at school, uni. Go teach somewhere in the library, park, office. Change your surroundings to a less relaxing one.

  3. There are several options here.
    1. Practice clearly and distinctly pronouncing the phrase ” Free cash register!”
    2. Read books or attend trainings on “how to work as a salesperson in the market”.
    3. Work hard and learn what you need to learn.
    And the last option � is not the most difficult thing that can happen in life 😉

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