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  1. “If you have realized this, then you are not one…”

    A very bold statement, I hasten to note. First, you need to understand when you began to feel like one and what you associate it with. Let me give you an example : depression slows down the associative process (in other words, your mental activity). At this point, people really begin to consider themselves stupid, slow-witted, because they can not think as fast as they could before the onset of the disease. After therapy and relief of symptoms of depression, the thought process, in most cases, returns to its previous course.

    Analyze your situation, and if necessary, contact a competent specialist.

  2. First of all, I will repeat the top answer: once you realize that you are slow-witted, then you can already be called such with a very big stretch. Such a paradox.

    Secondly, everyone is stupid in their own way. Slow thinking, weak logic, cliched thinking, poor understanding of emotions, poor memory, lack of knowledge – what exactly is it that bothers you?

    If the first or second are logical problems, of which you can find a lot on the Internet, strategy games, all this will help. Gradually, the time spent on processing information will be reduced, and analytical thinking will develop.

    If you are tormented by blindness and stereotyped thinking – get out of your comfort zone! Read shocking literature, study the opposite points of view, and see what good people find in what you don't like. Yes, it's a little nerve-racking, but it helped me personally. I haven't revised my morals, but I've come to some conclusions: it became easier for me to understand people with whom I disagree, I stopped considering my opinion to be the only correct one, and so on down the list. By the way, the debate also helps in this: if there is an opportunity to participate, do not miss it: learn to defend the point of view that is opposite to yours. Develops logic, speed of thinking, flexibility, improves interaction with people.

    Bad memory is “treated” with mnemonic techniques, again games, puzzles, and math. Yes, even a banal verse to learn or a useful article and then trains the brain.

    The lack of knowledge can also be attributed to slow-wittedness, as it seems to me. For example, if we are talking about such awkward moments when friends around you have understood a subtle reference to a historical or literary plot, and you stand there and do not understand what is happening. Reading classics (from different eras), immersing yourself in different religions (from the point of view of studying the matcha) – all means are good.

    Finally, I'll write about what I think is the most difficult part: emotions…

    To be less stupid in this regard and better read the mood of people, dating with a variety of personnel, psychological training and trying on the situation for yourself help.

    Good luck with your self-development, and I hope my answer will be useful in some way.

  3. First of all, let me congratulate you. If you realize this , you probably aren't already.

    Well, if to the point, then this problem is extremely familiar to me, especially after studying at school, where all the characteristics of students were adjusted to a certain framework, including their own opinion. And I can say that it is almost impossible to resist it if there are no external factors that would serve as an opposition to this terrible system of the Russian education system. For me, these factors were, first of all, educated and interesting people with a broad outlook, and their ability to form their own point of view. Well, I can see that now. Secondly, the ability to think in reverse helped me fight stereotypes. That is, for example, if it is given that a+b=c, I try to prove that a-b=c. Sometimes it turns out, sometimes I come to the first option, but this in any case helps to think independently, and not according to a given pattern. And the more books, interesting and informative films, interviews, conversations, and the like are placed on the shelves of your mind, the freer you become, because owning information makes you much stronger. Perhaps the most useful thing you can do is to learn how to solve problems in non-standard ways, and this requires the problems themselves and analysis of ways to solve them.

    P.I hope that there will be people here who will tell their stories about how they have already managed to cope with this situation, and they will have something to learn

    P.S. I am fighting with you, and there are many of us, do not despair!)

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