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  1. Several reasons can lead to an increase in the duration of sleep::

    1. Snoring with apnea (respiratory arrest).�

    2. Decreased thyroid function (hypothyroidism).

    3. Some mental illnesses.

    4. Taking medications with a hypnotic or sedative effect.

    5. Alcohol intake.

    6. Reduced daylight hours and lack of sunlight.

    7. Dissatisfaction in real life.

  2. You may not have enough dopamine and norepinephrine or their receptors. In general, the fact that a person sleeps more than 10 hours a day (regularly, episodic sleeps are not considered) may be an indicator that there is a tendency to Parkinson's disease in the future

  3. If you feel normal at the same time, then you have an excess sleep rate. If you are tired and suffer from headaches, then you should reconsider your lifestyle, for example, do not eat heavy food before going to bed, do not listen to loud music, learn to relax, and of course, saturate the body with oxygen, walk or at least ventilate the room.

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