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  1. Usually think clearly: after a good rest, pleasant communication, reading interesting literature, proper nutrition, walking in nature(the brain is saturated with oxygen), light stress(cortisol in small doses), sports activities and extreme sports(endorphins), doping such as caffeine or nicotine, nootropic substances.

    Lack of sleep, inability to relax, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, constant stress, negative environment-takes away your brain's strength to think clearly.

  2. The brain needs training

    Innate abilities are just a basic set of makings of mental development, which is realized (or not realized) during life. The efficiency of the brain is determined by the number and strength of neural connections – the more of them, the better we think. Regular cognitive training allows you to keep your brain toned, cope with complex tasks more effectively, and be more productive in your work, school, and life.�

    However, even regular development such as reading books, solving puzzles, and even learning a foreign language will not protect us from the fact that some days we are “stupid”.�

    Let's take a closer look at what happens to us at these moments.

    What's slowing us down?

    Any mental activity begins with attention. Yes, we can perform some well-honed actions “on the machine”, do not include attention, but we will not be able to think effectively without high concentration and concentration. In other words, the ability to concentrate affects the productivity of short-term work. There are times when we can't do it – we're out of shape, too tired, hungry, or angry – and this slows down our brain function. We are quite capable of controlling external factors – to satisfy hunger or thirst, to create a comfortable working environment, after getting enough sleep and resolving all conflicts.

    What if you have to work in uncomfortable conditions?

    If we can't get rid of external interference, such as a noisy room or an uninteresting task, then it won't be easy to activate attention. The ability to concentrate is a skill that can be trained. If you regularly practice “turning on attention” under different circumstances, it will be easier to concentrate in uncomfortable conditions. Turning on attention triggers other cognitive functions, and the brain begins to “accelerate” and work at full speed.

    How to train?

    You can develop the habit of regularly training your attention, and at the same time all other cognitive functions of the brain, using online services. For example,Wikium – these are online cognitive simulators that are designed to train according to a specific algorithm. The personal program includes 2 attention simulators to get involved in the work-this is a warm-up. After the warm-up, the other functions – attention and memory-begin to train, depending on your abilities, which are determined during the introductory test. Daily 15-minute workouts develop the habit of regularly turning on your attention and pumping up your cognitive functions to keep your brain in good shape. Over time, there will be fewer inefficient days, and the brain's performance will be higher.

    If all else fails

    But not only fatigue and external circumstances can be the causes of poor brain performance.�

    Lack of vitamins and minerals and poor nutrition affect the way we think. Food is the fuel and building material for the entire body. The brain receives energy from the breakdown of glucose, which is contained in “long” carbohydrates. Fish oil, especially omega-3s, helps improve communication between neurons. Vitamins of group B are also responsible for transmitting nerve impulses. Special tests and tests will help you determine which elements you lack for productive work, so contact your doctor if your condition bothers you for a long time.

  3. So, your brain won't work if:

    • Don't get enough sleep. Most people need at least 8 hours of sleep a day, but this figure is individual. In addition to the duration of sleep, its quality is important — it must be continuous.
    • Not being able to manage stress. There are many available ways to deal with stress, including meditation, keeping a diary, working with a psychologist, yoga, breathing practices, tai chi, etc. All of them have their own advantages in terms of helping the brain function.
    • Don't move. Physical activity allows you to increase blood flow, and at the same time, the flow of oxygen and nutrients to all body tissues. Regular physical activity stimulates the production of substances that help connect and even form nerve cells.
    • Don't drink enough water. Our body is about 60% water, and our brain contains even more water — 80%. If you don't drink enough water, you will become irritable and even aggressive, and your ability to make good decisions will decrease. Drink at least one glass of drinking water (try drinking warm water) every hour of the day.
    • Don't eat healthy fats. Avoid processed, hydrogenated fats called trans fats at all costs and minimize your intake of saturated animal fats. But the fats that are found in nuts, unrefined vegetable oils, avocados, high-quality fish, flax seeds are very useful for the brain.
    • Don't train your brain. Learning new subjects, gaining additional skills, and engaging in intellectual hobbies help you preserve and increase your brain's resources. Constant “training” ensures that he will work at the highest level for the rest of his life.
    • Don't eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs every day. The benefits of whole foods in our diet are endless, especially for plants: vegetables, fruits, herbs, cereals, legumes. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber, all of which are essential for brain function.
  4. From the point of view of modern research, it is obvious that the approach to improving the body should be comprehensive, comprehensive, multi-level, it should be woven into your habits, in your life, serve as a marker for achieving short-term goals, be a motivator and driving force. This is how long-term results are achieved.

    – Optimization of life processes. You need to rethink and allocate the time you have at your disposal. Time should bring emotions. Emotions, depending on their cause, are divided into (here I give a very limited list of emotions, for example): physiological, cultural, emotions of flow, achievement, communication, and cognitive dissonance.

    – Physiological emotions arise when overcoming the so-called body deprivation, when your body, and the areas of the brain responsible for motor activity, do not receive arousal. To activate them, the body must receive a sufficient level of daily work of most joints and muscles.

    – Cultural emotions involve studying cultural objects, watching author's films, documentaries, reading books, and mentally working on yourself (internal dialogue and disabling it).

    – Emotions of the flow state (Chihsenmihaya was the first to draw attention to the phenomenon in his book) I will briefly explain: this is a condition that occurs when you are very involved in the process of doing something. At the same time, a person temporarily loses their temporary orientation

    – Emotions of achievement arise as satisfaction, after the achievement of goals and objectives.

    – Communication emotions arise when people communicate.

    – Emotions of cognitive dissonance occur when extreme amazement or even fear appears, such emotions cause an adrenaline rush

    – Acceleration of metabolic processes in the body. The basis for weight loss and rejuvenation. Every day we progressively put loads on the body to speed up the pulse rate. Whether it's exercise or a light jog, or walking (depending on your body's state of health and medical indications). Everyday application in practice is important here. It is necessary to “shake up” the hormonal and vegetative systems of the body in the future.Creating a small calorie deficit after a meal (you need to get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger)

    – Creative creative thinking, unconventional behaviors in life situations, development of genius

    – Stop grumbling, taking offense and complaining, be receptive to everything new, be able to abandon the old, ineffective.

    You can read more about everything on the channel:


  5. Glycine, phenotropil and mildronate to help. Cerebrolysin in the ass.

    And physical training. They say that: in a healthy body – a healthy mind. You need to support the body with all sorts of exercises and treats. Especially during periods of stress (for example, passing exams and tests). So, advice from me: physical training, relaxation and autogenic training along with “cheats” from medications. Gingo biloba and glycine-perfectly improve memory processes.

  6. I also program 🙂 I advise you to go to sleep if you can't concentrate. 20 minutes is enough ( you can do more if you are tired). Also, don't feel bad about it. This is normal, take short breaks of 5-10 minutes every 40 minutes. The brain, so that it “does not overheat”, has a reaction to routine-laziness 🙂 If you neglect rest, then the head begins to not think straight. However, it's bad practice to spend hours watching videos on YouTube or playing games. I hope this helps you if the problem is still relevant.

  7. I'm too lazy to read other answers so I'll answer on my own

    1. Take a lot of interest

    Really. If you are interested in something, then ask those who do it, look for answers in books, the Internet

    1. Think differently.

    It's simple. Instead of something obvious, think differently, from a different angle. Often, the obvious answers to questions turn out to be wrong and even stupid.

    1. Chew your gum�

    Try. Take your favorite gum and chew at a time when you need to think a lot. The jaws will make the blood rush to the head, the brain will be saturated with blood. You'll be an order of magnitude less nervous. In the process of any mental activity, chew gum. Tested multiple times.

    4. Take a break from your routine

    If you are tired of your schedule, then dilute it with something interesting. Viewing an educational program, reading a book or encyclopedia or an article will be more useful than flipping through the VK news feed

    1. Doubt everything

    Incompetent people believe everything that they are told by more experienced people in this business (in their opinion). By doubting everything, we create our own foundation of knowledge and skills. To answer someone's question, we will answer based on our own thoughts and knowledge rather than on a neighbor or some “authoritative person”

    At this point, I will say that I have everything, because at half past two in the morning, everything is not particularly thought out

  8. There was also such a problem…then they helped the reception of Teanin Evalarovsky(they also have a shop.evalar and ordered), well, a full-fledged rest…do not neglect this. I went to work refreshed and refreshed…now I'm not as stupid as I used to be)

  9. Finally, cerebellar stimulation by Bilgou will help if you do them in the system. �It uses a balance board and balls. In Russia, too, there are analogs of these simulators, such as Equinoxes and other Balance beams and Balancers.�

    The only problem is that for classes you need a partner who helps you perform exercises – there you need to throw and catch balls in a certain way, standing on balance.�

    The system is currently used mainly for working with special children and those with speech disorders. But it also works for adults

  10. Nootropics, psychostimulants….

    You can start getting enough sleep, you can do the opposite as I do-get pleasure from uncontrolled surges of energy and adrenaline due to lack of sleep. It's cool, really. Or you can go to a psychologist – perhaps the reason is in your psychological state)

  11. I am also an athlete, so I will answer with a sports analogy that is relevant. The brain acts like a muscle. So, in order for it to be not only large and prominent, but hardy and well-trained, you need to train it. At the same time, we think every second of our lives, so in fact we can say that the brain is working intensively to one degree or another. It is narrow to think that the brain develops mainly reading. This is the most affordable and versatile way. Just like in sports, it doesn't take much to get up and running. Running- �strength and endurance. Reading – thinking and imagination.

    It so happened that I got hooked on CHGK. I consider myself a well-read and intelligent person, but at first I had a hard time answering questions. Gradually, it became easier and easier for me to see the question and the direction in which to think. Razgodalka and logic worked. I realized that by reading a lot, I was developing only some part of my brain, or rather some part of my thinking. Just because you're a great runner doesn't mean you're a great fitter. So I realized that the development of the brain is in a variety of activities. To the extent that put the calculator and take the extra 30 seconds on the folding of complex numbers;buy crossword; metro play chess on your smartphone if you after a hard day's reluctance to read, and want to develop;learn to do anything weak hand, go new ways home, come to new places and try to pre-memorize the cards, and then to navigate; finally ,just invent a job for the brain. This is very important if you want your brain to work. Because to keep your brain in shape, you must first acquire this form.

    And just like the muscles, the brain needs to be kneaded.For a while, I started the day right away by reading complex literature. The feeling that the brain is clogged and you run through the paragraphs, no longer delving.(Again, so are the muscles. Starting to work without a warm-up is a lost cause) Then I pumped up applications like “Speed reading”, “Mnemonics” and start the morning with memorizing and reproducing a series of numbers(10, 15, 25 numbers and more), Schulte tables, repeating words in the languages I learn(English, German), etc. This warms up the brain well.

    And the most important thing, as in sports, is the mode. Don't be intimidated by this word. Eat regularly(just don't feel hungry), sleep for 7-8 hours, engage in physical activity, including walking on stairs, escalators, listen to music that inspires you and try to do only what you like. The brain will pay back with good work.

    Tested on me. I will be happy to read the answers to this question and will be grateful if you share your experience in the comments!

    P. s. Some time has passed since the publication of the post, and it makes sense to slightly supplement what is written in several theses.

    1. Try to rest your brain during the day.Doing the above operations in the morning, sometimes I warmed up my brain to such an extent that I got clogged and viscous in my head.Continuing with sports analogies, it is better to start the day with commensurate loads:something that warms up, and does not extinguish an unprepared body.And no matter how useful a 10 km jog is, it is not suitable for everyone in the morning.Dispense it

    2. There is a general speed,but there is a special one.I have already discussed the latter above.I advise her to do exercises for associative connections such as ” where is the logic?”-after all, the brain works on the principle of a network,which means that refreshing the “paths” is more likely to develop the mobility of the entire network, which means the patency of information and knowledge.

    But a special one can still be used as a momentary one.This is the need to be efficient in the here and now.Recently, before My game, I just encountered the need to quickly “warm up”.Someone slaps their cheeks(either to get angry or to drive blood), but I just started doing mental operations like multiplying two-digit numbers and reading random words in my head in reverse.This helped me quite a bit.

    In conclusion, I recommend the newly discovered addition of Peak.From the advantages:

    – Based on Oxford research and developed by its scientists

    – Games for different areas of brain work

    – Great interface and low-cost premium for accessing the entire arsenal of exercises.

    The latter is not an advertisement.A decent app with decent coverage and recommendations.Good luck to all !

  12. What's in her head when she's not thinking straight?-
    Extra thoughts, difficulties with focusing, and even a slight distraction adds fatigue and tension, right?

    I personally don't know how much this will help you – let's just try it and you will unsubscribe in the comments as soon as possible. I'll be glad if it works – I personally haven't tried to solve problems in my head in this state, but I think it will work.my head is getting clearer.

    Your task is to learn how to relax the body, focus on internal sensations and stop unnecessary background noise that can interfere. The recipe, by the way, is simple – the only thing you should do is train for a while to get a good result.

    Relieving tension and loosening the muscle clamps will make it easier for you to focus on some really important tasks, and you will also be less tired – a nice bonus, right?

    Sitting at the monitor right now, or in a minibus on the way to school / work-in general, where it is more convenient for you-listen to your body. Take five minutes for yourself – take a timer and mark this time. First, pay attention to whether you are sitting comfortably. Whether you are comfortable in this particular position – if not, then slowly take a more comfortable position until you feel completely satisfied with your sensations.

    The main muscle groups you have more or less relaxed-there are those that are smaller. As a rule, there is a lot of tension in the shoulders and facial muscles (however, everyone has it differently) – feel where the tension accumulates in your body, and how it manifests itself. Now, as you take a deep breath, loosen these clamps one by one as you exhale.�

    Once relaxed, just focus on your breathing for a few more minutes.
    Does your head think better now?�

    This condition can be maintained throughout the day, which helps protect yourself from unnecessary stress. And the influence goes to your manner of gestures, behavior, and separately-on thinking, too.

    It only takes a little practice.

  13. The quality of thought processes depends on many things: nutrition, mood, time of year and day, health, and so on. Also, the general hormonal background affects the activity and functioning of your brain, so if you constantly feel tired and rapid mental fatigue, it would be a good idea to check with an endocrinologist.�

    Pay attention to your mood, frequent stress can not only make you think poorly and slowly, but also spoil your physical health well.

    Regarding control, there are actually very simple recommendations: 1) monitor your health and nutrition 2) solve puzzles and other puzzles more often 3) practice meditation.

    Separately, I would like to mention nootropics. Nootropics are substances that have a positive effect on brain function. You can find all the pros and cons of these drugs on the Internet, but these are very commonly used medications among transhumanists and just among students. If you watched the movie “Regions of Darkness” about NZT, then this very NZT is the prototype of the very real modafinil. Google it : )

  14. Hello
    , this is a good question
    now,according to my observations, all people think that their head thinks equally well, that is, it seems to everyone that working at night they use their head one hundred percent.
    it also seems that working after drinking, in a light drug intoxication, eating doshirak, not getting enough sleep and not doing any physical activity, people still think that they use their head one hundred percent)
    but this is not
    the case if a person works at night, his head boils very badly
    if you eat slop your head doesn't work well
    if you drink it properly then three more days after your head doesn't work well
    if you constantly blow your head doesn't work well
    if a piece of fat is weak-willed your head doesn't work well ( there may be exceptions)
    and there are still a lot of these problems.
    therefore, it is necessary to invest a lot of effort in what would be with full strength to approach the solution of problems and tasks))))))

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