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  1. Thoughts are “not yours”, they are integrated to you on an unconscious level, in a “subthreshold” way-quite possibly in the earliest childhood, or even in the prenatal period. The psychological “ban on life” is often encountered, for example, by children whose mothers have thought and talked a lot about abortion or tried to perform it. Numerous criticisms of a small child, especially rude and unjustified ones, also lead to the formation of such unconscious attitudes.�

    These attitudes need to be identified, as well as the circumstances of their creation, and then overcome by rationalization and a number of other techniques. It is better to do this with a specialist, so wellcome )

  2. Listen to me..

    I do not know why you started hating yourself. It is quite possible that this was due to comparing ourselves to other people, when, in particular, thanks to our favorite social networks, everyone around us seems much smarter, more successful and more beautiful. It seems that something is wrong with us, that their life is perfect — but ours is filled only with problems and disappointments. But believe me, everyone overcomes certain difficulties every day. There are no self-confident people, remember. EVERYONE experiences moments when they feel confident (when they look especially good on a particular day, for example) and insecure. This is not a static state.

    As corny as it sounds right now, accept yourself. I know this is going to be very hard for you, but you're an incredibly strong person to still be alive and not kill yourself. Committing suicide is easy, but living is already more difficult.. You are not your failures and failures, remember. You are all your pleasant childhood memories, your favorite dishes, your musical taste, all the jokes you've ever laughed at, movies that touched you to the core or just made you smile.. look, it turns out, after all, that you are not so bad. And the world around us, too. You deserve to live. So I suggest you change , drop all your old grudges, and start restarting.

    I hated myself for a long time. She truly hated it and wanted to kill herself, too. But as soon as I made some small changes in my life, I felt much better. I am so happy that all the muddy thoughts are far in the past. What did I do? And the simplest things. I changed my image: I dyed my hair in a color that I had long dreamed of, but did not dare, threw away my old clothes and bought new, more minimalistic and stylish ones, and began to make up differently. I began to feel like a different person, honestly. And the old image is a thing of the past. After that, I stopped communicating with those people with whom I was used, but who did not bring me positive emotions. I got rid of whiners and pessimists, roughly speaking. And somehow, miraculously, new ones were found. I started taking courses, found a hobby, became interested in graphic design, and started watching videos about interior design. All this began to fill me up and help me forget about the bad things.

    So yes, if you don't have a mental disability, then all of the above should help you. I sincerely hope so. Good luck!

    If you want, you can write to me on Vkontakte, I will only be happy to listen and help.

  3. You need to see a psychologist or psychotherapist. It is necessary that a specialist can conduct certain tests to detect possible anxiety or depression in you, prescribe treatment or special exercises such as autogenic training, affirmations. In our country, there are also public centers with these specialists.

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